Feasibility Study of a Solar Energy as a Purifier of the Contaminated Water

Topics: Drinking water, Water treatment, Water Pages: 14 (4399 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Feasibility study of a Solar Energy as a purifier for Contaminated and Salt water
An Undergraduate Research Paper Presented to
Mrs. Josephine Impe
Napnapan National High School
Tigbauan, Iloilo

Stephen T. To-ong

The researcher would like to extend his sincere thanks and appreciation to the following people who have contributed, in one way or another, to the realization of this study.Mrs. Josephine Impe, research adviser, for the encouragement and support from the conceptualization to the completion of the study. Mr.Paul T. Tejero, for the assistance and valuable suggestions and for the invaluable tips to improve the quality of the research study; To-ong and Tejero families, the wind beneath my wings as I reach my goals in life, for the unconditional love and prayers, for understanding, and moral support, despite of the challenges that come along;Most of all, to Almighty God, for giving the researcher the courage, knowledge, guidance, love and blessings.

Stephen T. To-ong

Stephen T. To-ong. Feasibility study of a Solar Energy as a Purifier for a contaminated and salt water. Unpublished Research Paper. Napnapan National High School, Tigbauan, Iloilo.

Distillation is one of many process available for water purification, and sunlight is one of several forms of heat energy that can be used to power that process. Sunlight has the advantage of zero fuel cost but it requires more space and generally more costly equipment.To dispel a common belief, it is not necessary to boil water to distill it. Simply elevating its temperature, short ofboiling, will adequately increase the evaporation rate. In fact, although vigorous boiling hastens the distillation process it also can force unwanted residue into the distillate, defeating purification. Furthermore, to boil water with sunlight requires more costly apparatus than is needed to distill it a little more slowly without boiling.Many levels of purification can be achieved with this process, depending upon the intended application. Sterilized water for medical uses requires different process that that used to make drinking water. For people concerned about the quality of their municipally-supplied drinking water and unhappy with other methods of additional purification available to them, solar distillation of tap water or brackish groundwater can be a pleasant, energy-efficient option.

Background of the Study
Only a very small percentage of the earth’s water is available for human use, since most is salty ocean water that cannot be used for drinking, washing, irrigation, or industry. Usable water can be created from salt water in a process called desalination, but the process is controversial which is expensive and requires a lot of energy. Solar evaporation purification (or solar desalination) is a process that is often used to make contaminated or saltwater drinkable. It uses only the sun's energy to generate clean, potable water. Solar desalination plants have been installed in areas that are commonly plagued with potable water shortages, but you can use this technology to make a small solar desalination unit in your own back yard. Unlike other filtration methods, solar desalination does not require expensive equipment or replacement parts, making it an easy and environmentally friendly choice for water purification.Solar water purification involves purifying water for drinking and household purposes through the usage of solar energy in many different ways. Using solar energy for water treatment has become more common as it is a usually low-technology solution that works to capture the heat and energy from the sun to make water cleaner and healthier for human use and consumption. Solar water treatment is particularly beneficial for rural communities, as they do not have other forms of water purification infrastructure and more...
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