Feasibility Study of a New Hotel in Moscow

Topics: Hotel, Chief executive officer, Europe Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: December 9, 2011

You are a management consultant for the LSBU chain of hotels. This group is a five star global hotel operator. The company has an extensive international portfolio of properties in six principal regions * Western Europe

* Eastern Europe
* North America
* Latin/South America
* Far East/Pacific Rim
* Middle East/Africa

There are imbalances in the number of properties the group runs, as the largest concentration of hotels are in North America and Western Europe. You have been contacted by the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.) of the company to conduct some research into the opportmoduleies for hotel expansion in the developing nations of the world.

The new C.E.O. believes that global expansion must be furthered. However, the C.E.O. wishes to update their knowledge of the differing nature of regional operations. They wish to reassess the characteristics of the regions with regards to potential investment.

The C.E.O wants information from the different regions in order to: * Analyse & evaluate the profile of the hotel industry in a chosen region. * Compare & contrast the differences and similarities in the management of hotel operations in that region. * To gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that each region presents to the international hospitality operator. * To assess the relative merits of expanding in one district compared to another in that region.

The C.E.O. wants you to “Evaluate the opportmoduleies for success for (any type of) hospitality expansion and assess the pitfalls that a potential investor should be aware of before entering the market of your choice.” The C.E.O. expects you to construct a report that demonstrates evidence of research, the use of academic theory and commentary of your findings. The report should outline the region you are investigating and highlight the salient issues that should be considered when developing in this region. You must prepare a strategy for...
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