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Topics: Microsoft, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET Framework Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: June 1, 2011
Library System
Sacred Hear Academy Pasig

Manasan, James Byron M.
Pada, Frederick Lemuel S.
Toco, Christian S.
IT200L – AT1


The library system will be based on the old library system that they are using, but we will make it a new system for them to have an automated library system. This system could give no more hassle for the students. To integrate this library system the proponent decided to use new software that will manage their library, it includes borrowing of books

To create the library system, the developers will use Visual Studio 2010 using C# language for GUI and SQL server 2008 for the database. This software is compatible with windows operating systems.

The school that will be using this library system will not have a hard time of borrowing their books using their library cards since their library system is not yet automated.


Our client, Sacred Heart Academy Pasig, is still using the traditional manual library system, where borrower’s card are still used when borrowing books, and paper documents are used for data’s of students and books.

Our client supports our system to make there library system automated. Our conducted survey for the school’s students and faculties shows that 80% are in favor of the automated library system and thinks that it can help improve the school’s library.

Most of the students does not have a library card, meaning they don’t borrow books from the library system, with our proposed automated system, they don’t need to purchase a library card, they only need their student number to borrow books from the library, and it reduces the time of the operation everytime somebody will borrow and return books, since the librarian will only input and save the data in the database, no more papers and files to find.

This system benefits the school because it is less work for the librarian since all files...
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