Feasibility Study

Topics: Sole proprietorship, Business, World population Pages: 54 (12322 words) Published: March 4, 2011

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
In Enterprise Planning with Development and Thesis
(Management 47)

Prepared for:

Course Professor

Prepared by:

Charlotte L. Carnesil
Desiree Raiza Colina
April L. Culanculan
Anthonie Arnel B. Miraflor
Hayoung Park
Rechelle Fate A. Quimada
Aileen Claire Teves

September 25, 2010

We would like to convey our sincerest gratitude to the people who have willingly and generously contributed valuable materials which were used comprehensively in the preparation of this feasibility study. The following are to thank for: Attorney Gloria G. Futulan, our professor, for her patience, guidance, encouragement, and for sharing her expertise in writing this feasibility study;

Atty. Gary Guido Tabios, our proponent, who supported and allowed us to do project feasibility on putting up an eco friendly laundry shop;

Mr. Rocris Pinero and Ms. Loren Lachica, our professors, who assisted and taught us how to make the questionnaire and how to get our respondents;

Mr. Lito Mira, our Accountant in guiding us in making the Financial Statements;

Archt. Khevin Librea, our Architect, for helping us with the blueprints;

Mr. Caesar Evan Velasco for recovering our infected files, without you we would not be able to recover our final draft and important papers;

Mr. Genesis Tabios, for sharing his knowledge on the financial aspect of the study;

Mrs. Roalia Bracamonte, Manager of Brightwash Laundry Shop, for sharing her knowledge about the industry;

And most especially to our beloved Parents, who gave us life and guided us ever since we were born, and for the financial and moral support;

Also to our friends, who have been there all throughout the study;

Our classmates and teachers who gave us inspiration and support to finish this study;

Above all, to OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, for His abundant graces and blessings showered unto the family of the researchers and for the researchers who gave their best knowledge to complete this study.

The people not mentioned, you know who you are, thank you for the assistance in making this study successful.


Among the most crucial issues affecting mankind today are pollution and global warming. The pollution of rivers, lakes and other bodies of water has led to algal blooms, destruction and deaths of aquatic life. On the other hand, land and air pollution have led to increase in greenhouse houses that trap heat and noxious gases in the atmosphere resulting in global warming. This in turn results in climate changes, droughts, floods, and increase in insect and pest populations that cause tropical diseases like dengue. Indeed, the delicate balance of nature and ecology has been damaged by man's careless usage and throwing of harmful substances into the environment.

Common substances that harm the environment and destroy ecological balance are laundry detergents and chemicals. Chemical laundry detergents may contain phenols, optical brighteners, phosphates, EDTA, artificial fragrance, ammonia, sodium sulfate, and chemical foaming agents. These substances have undesirable effects on humans, the planet, or both (http://www.greenerlaundry.com).

Laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and stain removers also contain petroleum, phosphates and synthetic chemicals that leave residue on clothes. These ingredients caused allergies, irritate the skin and eyes and carry other severe health risks (http://www.kids-going-green.com).

The popularity of such non-green and ecologically harmful detergents and laundry chemicals come from the fact that people have been conditioned to associate cleanliness with high foaming and strongly scented...
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