Feasibility Study

Topics: Total cost, Variable cost, Costs Pages: 12 (3750 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Presented by Barerra, Jan Paul Cajayon, Natalia Nigel Collado, Daniel Joseph De Leon, Philip Enriquez, Manuel Lozano, Arvin Umali, Anthony

FEBRUARY 22, 2013
TURON DELUXE Muralla St. Intramuros, Manila

Chapter I – Introduction This study looks at how a food cart business will flourish and how it will operate as a business, as well as being an entrepreneur. Food cart businesses are successful in the market nowadays with proper study and all. Such businesses popped like mushrooms. In order to obtain pure success, this paper will show all necessary data to win in the business world. Managing a business is not easy as one, two, and three. Lots of time and effort is needed to have a successful business, brain and heart is the key to prosper. Business is business that's one rule we as entrepreneur live in, especially in attaining success. Turon is one of the goodies created by the Filipinos. A banana wrapped in a lumpia wrapper glazed with sugar to further sweeten its taste. In our business customers will have a new definition and taste of it , new fillings and drizzling, combined with a refreshing Buko juice. This business assures that each and every costumers will enjoy every single bit of it. It will give tourists the chance to taste a proud Filipino snack. We can gain interests of them and let them know that from a simple banana we can innovate something and taste awesomely delicious. Banana is a fruit with a lot of vitamins and minerals. Thus rightful to state that this product is not just delightful and also healthy food. Generally, this food cart business shows a very significant part of the Filipino Cuisine, the profitability of the business, and look at how this business will prosper. And that in such time the business can expand and operate in several locations, thus create and offer more jobs.

Chapter II – Procedures in Undertaking the Activity 2.1 Concept of Entrepreneurial Activity Most of food carts sells easy to eat foods and beverages. Our team came up of running a food cart business that serves one of the best Filipino creation, the Turon. It may sound plain and nothing new so we came up with our own innovations. Why not put a twist to the plain same old turon? How about adding fillings to it, even add a drizzle? And we decided to introduce it to our customers. After eating it, wouldn’t be great if you drink a cool fresh buko juice? So added to the business is another Philippine product. Next in the self-service basis, customers are given the basic turon and it’s up to them to design the taste with the suggested flavors. Lastly, the weekly food challenges will dare the customers to try turon with exotic flavors of fillings. Maybe as a part of the promotions, how about a spicy turon? 2.2 Identification of Prospective Clients Running the business near colleges like Mapua, Lyceum and Letran. We expected several clients mainly the visitors and guest of the Intramuros which are divided to the STUDENTS, TOURISTS, PEDICAB DRIVERS AND COMMONERS. Our clients are mostly in the B and C classes. Clients from classes A & D are also expected. The business expects to serve 15-25% of the total population in Intramuros in a day. 2.3 Target Location There are many prime locations in Metro Manila where we can possibly run our business but amongst all is at the Walls of Intramuros near the colleges. Our target location passed our guidelines high population of trading area, small competition, cheap rent, and is very accessible. 2.4 Preparation of Needed Materials and Labor Labor Force The business requires only two crews. One mainly for cooking another is for service and both of them will do the sales. The business requires minimal knowledge of the crew in terms of food preparation and service, thus it is a prerequisite for applicants. After closing, one of the crew shall proceed and help the in the preparation of products. Materials Needed We will utilize the native saging na saba from Davao for the main ingredient, other...
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