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Valenzuela City

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Bote, Angelica
Caones, Liezl
Conception, Allan Sonny
Delos Reyes, Marie Jane
Dimailig, Sharmaine
Himar, Jefferson
Jaen, John Lester
Marcos, Maureen May
Santiago, Josephine
Pagdanganan, Mary Cecille
Tigas, Kenneth
Valeriano, Armilette

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Ms. Bernadette S. Punzalan

2nd Semester 2012- 2013


Navotas City is known as the fishing capital of the Philippines; it is located in the CAMANAVA region of Metro Manila. This subregion, aside from NAVOTAS, includes the cities of Caloocan, Malabon, and Valenzuela. Navotas is considered to be a very important fishing community because almost half of its population deriving their livelihood directly or indirectly from fishing and its related industries like fish trading, fish net mending, and fish producing having marginal percentage of inter-Island fish producers. Navotas is perceived to be prone especially during the rainy season and during high tide, but the national and local government is trying to alleviate the problem. Pollution and overpopulation are other problems that the government is trying to solve. Another thing Navotas is known for is its line of products that products that include patis (fish sauce) and bagoong (shrimp paste). In the past, Navotas and Malabon used to be one and the same place. Legend says that a narrow strip of Malabon was eaten away by the two seas surrounding it until an opening connecting the two bodies of water was made. It was then that the people in the area decided to rename the strip “butas “ or “ hole” which eventually evolved into the name “Navotas”.San Jose de Navotas was the name given to the locality after its patron saint, San Jose. On June 11, 1859, a “Superior Decreto” established a new parish and municipality under the supervision of Friar Matias Navoa. At Navotas people can enjoy the slights, sound, and local delicacies all year round during the various religious or theme-based fiestas and festivals. Other attractions you can visit in this city include the famous Agora Market where you can get the freshest and tastiest sea food each and every day. After knowing what Navotas has, our group wants to chance and refine existing establishments, put other establishments to improved productivity, gain more income for its communities and at the same time to make Navotas a tourist spot for local and international travelers. We have decided to put a build lights towers, remake/Refine the City municipality, put restaurants that will be parlty different from other restaurants and put water sports. The objective of our group is to use newer technology to help the city generate more income and use what they already have to attract more tourists.



“Navotas” as a Marina City in a well ordered urban landscape serving as a regional fishing hub with a healthy and empowered community in a sustainable environment governed by a transparent, dedicated, responsive and financially self sufficient local Government. The division of Navotas City is a child- friendly educational institution developing and producing God- fearing, nature loving. Value oriented and competent learners.


The mission of Navotas City is to provide quality basic education that is equitably accessible to all citizens of Navotas City through a curriculum that will develop the total spiritual, intellectual, moral, psychological and emotional maturity of learners and effective leadership, Also to harness all resources to serve the needs of its constituency towards industrialization and urbanization through the dedicated and accountable public official and empower citizenry.



The city of Navotas is an institution to develop hospitality, God fearing, nature-lover and being...
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