Feasibility Study

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Submitted by:

Barliso, Bernie
Inso, Donna Gracia
Arevalo, Joy Vanessa

Submitted to:

Mr. Alvin Hung

October 1, 2005

Project Name:Institutional Support Photocopying Services Location:Zamboanga City State Polytechnic College, R.T.
Lim Boulevard, Zamboanga City

Proponent:Barliso, Bernie; Arevalo, Joy ; Inso, Donna

Project Description :The project is a photocopying business that provides photocopying service to the students of Zamboanga City State Polytechnic College.

Objective of the Project:The aim of the project is to provide institutional support service through the installation of photocopying machine units to two strategic locations inside the campus of ZCSPC that will cater student needs of photocopy materials.

Project Benefits:The students of ZCSPC will primarily benefit from the project as well as the institution itself from additional revenue they can generate through commission.

Project Cost:The project requires initial cost of P 100,000 for it to be operational.

Project Funding:The funds necessary to start the project will emanate from the personal investment of an interested proprietor, who is a businessman.

Contingency Plan:In the event the project fails because funding run short, the proponents will use debt financing to supplement the project cost. Another potential market (WMSU-CSM students) had also been identified by the group in case the project turned to be unsuccessful for the studied market.


A. Nature of the business
Photocopying is widely known good business venture to engage especially when it is situated near or at an educational institution where massive information are dealt and needed. With the presence of photocopying machines, learning is facilitated and able to cope with the demand of time, providing the much needed services of reproducing reading materials for both students and faculty.

The ZCSPC is offering several academic and vocational course and it is constantly expanding through the years. Photocopying has been very difficult for the students of this institution. They have to go downtown or at WMSU to have their materials photocopied. This is because the only service available inside the campus provides poor service and performing inefficiently.

The institutional support photocopying service is to be established to address this need. Students will not anymore be bothered of the difficulty in reading their materials and walking a long distance just to avail of the service.

B. Background of the study
For many years, the students of ZCSPC experience difficulty in photocopying the reading materials. There is only one available photocopy machine in the campus. For this reason, the study is made to fill a niche that seems to exist in this particular segment of the market. The proponents find it necessary to address the need to establish an institutional support photocopying service to bridge that gap which can be beneficial to those students who will be availing the services through this study.

The study is manageable, and for certain, profitable. As long as the situation of the existing market remain, where school’s policy will not change on regards to private operator of photocopy machines and competition will be of level that can be managed.

The study will not only focus on its viability and profitability but also on factors which has socio-economic impact. The market for which purpose this study was created should be the one to benefit.

C. Significance of the study
The existence of market demand for photocopying service has...
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