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The United States has a quite different educational system than China. In China, there is not something like GMAT or GRE in the process of application. After the students pass the national exams for English politics and math, they will need to go through the major course test of the university in which they applied. Chinese students can just apply for one university’s master degree in the end of their senior year. However, if international students want to apply for master degrees in the United States, they need to start in the end of their junior year. In addition, there are also many additional requirements for international students in the admission process. As a result, most international students don’t adjust to these differences at first when they begin their applications.

As I’m now trying to apply for a master degree, I found it’s really difficult for me to handle when I face four or more essays that are required by various universities with different contents and different requirements. What should I talk about in my personal statement? What is an appropriate career goal, such as the applicant’s interested field and what achievement the applicant would like to pursue, that will be accepted by the officer of admission? All these questions spin around me, making me feel crazy.

Besides, different universities have different application deadlines for international students. The deadlines for international students are quite different with that for native students. However, most international students didn’t know this until they began to apply. If there is a course that teaches us about this, we could prepare materials for application in advance to get all the things ready on time.

In fact, there is another thing that I want to mention. I transferred to Winthrop in the beginning of my senior year through a transfer program between Nan Tong University (NTU) and Winthrop University. The program had existed for 6 years since it first came out, and many groups of students from NTU have gone through it. I find that NTU students keep researching the application process. As a result, more and more NTU students get admitted by great US graduate schools. However, during the first year of the transfer program, which had the first group of NTU students, many NTU students didn’t enter good graduate schools that matched their great GPA and GMAT score. Therefore, most of them came back to China after they graduated with a master degree but still couldn’t get a nice job in China.

To be honest, the goal for most Chinese students who go to the US for further study is to get a higher degree or a better degree for job seeking. At the same time, because the special condition that almost every NTU student’s family had already find a nice job for their kid through their networks, almost all Chinese students work really hard in study. But if the student didn’t get a good the degree, the nice job provide by their family may sink into the Atlantic.

So, to ensure that the NTU students won’t let their families’ hopes die out, I think it’s really necessary for the university to establish a course especially for the international students, not just NTU students, before the start of the application period. I want to do this to help every international student in his or her academic life. In this feasibility study, I will use NTU students for most examples. As a result, I will just talk about the application in business school, especially the accounting program.


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