Feasibility Study

Topics: Brand, Butter, Peanut butter Pages: 9 (2966 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Feasibility Study

Table of Contents
Executive Summary2
Description of the Product2
The Problem2
Unique Aspects of Our Model3
Industry Overview3
Competitive Analysis4
Target Market5
Our Place in the Value Chain5
Commercialization Strategy5
Types of Revenue6
Financial Assumptions6
Revenue Model Appendix

Executive Summary
Peanut Butter has been a household essential, since its creation in the early 1900’s. It has remained a family favorite ever since. Despite its popularity, there has been one reoccurring frustration when it comes to eating peanut butter. This frustration comes about when one reaches the bottom of the jar and takes on the strenuous task of digging for the last bit of peanut butter. Aside from being annoying, it often also results in throwing away jars that have food left in them. Double Twist Peanut Butter is taking advantage of the opportunity to eliminate these problems brought on by the standard single lid container.

Along with a high quality peanut butter, our brand is introducing a new generation of containers that are equipped with lids on each end of the container. Not only does this save wasted peanut butter, it also gives much added convenience to the customer. We are following a common trend of efficiency amongst Americans.

We are entering an already established market but we are bringing a new dimension to it with our innovative double sided jar. We are hoping our unique product will help us build brand recognition and ultimately a strong customer base. We are marketing towards a similar target group that our competitors have targeted, however we are able to offer an economically and environmentally friendly container that will distinguish our product amongst the rest.

In 2011 Jif and Skippy were the two biggest peanut butter distributers, these two companies accounted for approximately 52% of the market. Aside from these two there really aren’t any other extremely large peanut butter brands. This leaves a lot of room and potential for new peanut butter distributors, such as Double Twist, to join the market and experience success. Double Twist is unlike any other product in this particular market, its distinctive design will make it easily recognizable and we believe this will result in it quickly becoming a well-known product.

Description of the Product
Double Twist Peanut Butter is a new brand of peanut butter that comes in a very novel, unique jar. The peanut butter itself will come in different flavors, and be made up of only the best ingredients. Aside from the actual peanut butter, the container it comes in will simply blow the customers mind. Our peanut butter will be packaged in a jar that can be opened from both the top and bottom ends. This double ended jar allows the customer optimal use out of their purchase. Rather than taking the tedious task of scraping and scratching the bottom of the jar with a butter knife, now you can simply flip the jar over and open it from the other end, where the ends of the peanut butter sits. Another way to create less waste, our Double Twist Peanut Butter jar is made from recycled plastic and has thinner lids. This fits the ongoing trend of preserving our planet and going green. Not only is our new product, great tasting, eco-friendly, and practical, its unique look alone sets it apart from the standard peanut butter all grocery stores offer.

The Problem
A common problem that Americans have come across recently is that we have been wasting food. We haven’t been purposely wasting food, but there are certain instances when we simply have no choice but to throw away good food. This problem occurs most often when you are eating something that comes in a jar, such as peanut butter. When one gets to the bottom of the jar, they try to scoop up the remnants with a knife but its most of the time it’s just...
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