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Medical spa or wellness center business is the most promising business form of medical treatment at the present, because many people are now becoming healthy conscious, especially at the 20yr’s old above. In spa business the customer are specialized for giving a good medical treatment, providing relief and comfortable place to relax. Every people have a right to be health conscious and relax in a very relaxing place. It will be established in 89 Lacao Street beside of Hotel Fleures. That is proposing to serve any type of customer and give a good medical treatment and other services. The business will have a total capitalization Php 15,000,000.000 to which the proponent. Produce oriented business, but also help to the people health conscious such as providing an affordable medical treatment and relaxing place. It has a total area of 2,169 square meters; through the taxes and form of revenue generated by this business. The government will benefit individual families and residents also can benefit from the employee and income that generated by the business.

A.Project name
The proposed name of the project is Zahara’s wellness springs and Spa it because our service is came from natural healing and our product are came from flower and organic. Zahara meaning is “a blossom or flower” so that I choose this project name.

B.Plan location
Each planning application must be accompanied by 1:1250 or 1:2500 site location plan, showing the site its boundary. You should identify the application site. When applying for building regulation, you must also send two copies of the site location plan. The site location plan must clearly identify the application site and if possible the following: The site and position of the existing building in relation to the property boundary; The position and use of any other buildings within the property boundary; The position and width of any adjacent street.

We put up this kind of business because based on City Tourism Office visitors and tourist in Puerto Princesa City is increasing every year. Puerto Princesa City has many activities and programs every year and a lot of tourist attraction, so visitors and tourist have stress and fatigue because of their activities. Based on Tourism Office visitors, tourist senior citizen, teens and young professional women/man today must juggle a great deal of responsibilities in the home and in the work place. Women/man with schedules that are stretched very thin lack the personal relaxation and balance that their bodies and minds require to be healthy. Currently, busy women often use day spas in an attempt to fulfill their physical needs for relaxation and stress relief. However, day spas, and the services they provide, are becoming more and more uniform only offering the basic massages, facials, yoga and body wraps. Most women feel that if they have been to one day spa for physical relaxation, they have been to them all. Isn’t there a better relaxation solution out there that caters to both the physical and emotional relaxation needs of today’s modern woman? The answer is yes, and the solution is Zahara wellness Springs and Spa. Zahara’s isn’t a day spa for Professional women it is a wellness facility centered on its signature Asian Wellness Springs. Zahara goes beyond the services provided by a day spa by offering its female guests access to the wellness Springs and specialty saunas, in addition to unique spa services and a retail center. Come in and experience any of our service and begin the path to the healthier you… in our massage center location, each of our quite therapy rooms has been designed for you maximum comfort and relaxation. The perfect ambiance is set with music and lighting.

To be able to expand business in other areas of the residence of Puerto Princesa City in its three operating years To become the dominant supplier of different kinds...
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