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Nowadays, printed shirt are almost seen everywhere: school uniforms with the school logos printed on it, advertisements printed on shirts, title of an event, different cartoon characters, quotable phrases and lot more things printed on shirts. There are many processes of transferring a design to a shirt. Computer printed designs, screen printing process, heat transferred images, and painting the shirt itself. In these modern days, things are done in faster ways; that is why computers play varieties of role. Computer printed designs are among the most common in the market today. One can have his own picture printed in a shirt in just an hour or he can even personalize a design that he likes to be printed in his shirt. A design can also be transferred in number of shirts in a clothing company. This computer printed shirt is the focus of this feasibility study. We come up with this product to compete in the demand of modern days’ consumers. In addition to computer printed shirts, we also come up with the idea having painted designs as an art design exclusive for each company. Images add art to the printed shirts. It livens up the clothing and gives more attraction to those who see it. Universities have their university shirts or organizational shirts, which is sometimes used by the students as their uniforms. Our business is targeting this opportunity for us to give them a uniquely designed t-shirts that will surely be appreciated by the students and other group of people. In addition to this, we also aim to create our exceptional own painted design for some organizations who conduct events and some small companies in the country.

The Concept
PAINTWORK conceptualized a production enterprise that will be the producer of painted designed and computer printed shirts in some other schools in the country particularly in Polytechnic University of the Philippines (the four owners’ alma mater). We plan to create the products not for retail purposes but as a wholesale supply catering to the needs of the targeted market for their painted shirt uniforms, section shirts, organization shirts, batch shirts and other customized shirts. Nowadays, computer printed shirt designs are common in the market, so as the screen-printed designed shirts. Computer printed designs though are more modern and has more quality with designs. It being an easy process to transfer a design to shirts with exclusive painted design for each company is our unique selling proposition. Our business oriented and hip designs are popular especially with the teenagers, students and the young. We come up with this product believing that we can supply the needs of consumers to have more modernized and likeable designs in its best outcome. Although we are new in this kind of business, we still can promise the best outcome and produce very good quality painted designed computer printed shirts that can be used in events, organizational uniforms, school uniforms and other more occasions. The price will be based on the cost used to create the product. Our painted shirts will surely compete in the market in terms of pricing but we are confident that ours is a product that is worth to be paid for.

As stated in the concept for its creation, PAINTWORK will paint designed shirts that will be used for uniform purposes in school organizations, small companies, events, and some institutions. PAINTWORK is comparable in the market in terms of pricing but the process of production and high quality end product differs. The designs are personally made and manually transferred to the shirt resulting to excellent classy products that will satisfy the consumers. The objective of our company is to be more competitive in the market and to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of paint designed computer printed shirts in the Philippines. * Short Term Objectives...
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