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Topics: Manila, Metro Manila, Alfredo Lim Pages: 28 (6684 words) Published: October 21, 2012
I. Introduction

i. Scope of the Project/ Executive Summary

Arroceros Forest Park has a total land area of 21,428 square meters, it has 60 kind of indigenous trees and ten kinds of birds that choose to live in the park. Arroceros Forest Park are not build to handle bird but this is a forest park, some of the trees are have its capability to handle and attract birds to inhabit in the place, so the management decide to build an open cages for the birds. You can also see the a small portion of Pasig river view in the forest park.

Arroceros Forest Park is now a heritage and historical site. The existence of this park marks to some environmental lover, many volunteers are going in the site to contribute in the environment by means of cleaning the surroundings and planting some trees. It is also visited by student, and some instructors made this forest park as the site for their NSTP class.

This forest park is open for public, anyone can enter in the forest park, you just need to sign on their log book then you can freely explore and enjoy the forest park.

Now a day forest park became the lung of the City, they aim to built this kind of park to help the environment and to control the destruction of the ozone layer.

We conducted this study to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunity and threats of this area. Arroceros Forest Park is not actually made to be visit by the tourist, but we can see the potential of this area, that’s why we conducted a case study in this area. Our team observed in the area and interview on some of the members of the Winner Foundation Inc. which is the developer of this site, and also some of the volunteers who clean the forest park for us to determine the areas to be develop.

This case study also has its recommendation with regards to the problems hat we cited during our observation and through the help of some personnel that we interviewed. Included in this study are the recommended marketing strategies and agencies that can help the forest park in its development.

ii. Brief History

During the Spanish time, the place was the market of rice, all the rice from different region was slump here. That’s why it called Arroceros a Spanish term for rice.

Then after it American used it and some part of it become part of DEPED.

During Marcoses time it was mortgage by Emelda Marcos and Land bank became the owner of this. Then when Ramos became the president Ms. Ramos brought it in the hand of Land bank 2-hectares for only 65M which is cheep and they have agreed that this place should be used in educational purposed, Ms. Ramos agreed because she want to built a park into the city of Manila.

When Alfredo Lim became the City Mayor in Manila, he gave prioritized in Arroceros Forest Park, aiming that the people in the City became aware in that kind of environment, because forest park is something that we loose, and it is also stand as a Lung pf the City.

When Atienza became the Mayor Arroceros Forest Park become out of the way of the project of the City, it become abandon all the people who’s in charge of taking care of the Forest park was prohibited to enter in the Forest Park, when Mayor Lim has been re-elected he made a first move for the forest park by the help of winner foundation, they fix and rehabilitate it.

Last year when “Bagyong Ondoy” came to the Philippines many of the trees in Arroceros Forest park was ruin and fall because the root of the trees are not that deep in the soil because the ground is cemented, because when the first term of Lim he encourage meny people to put plants in this place, and that time Arroceros is a nursery and rainy season came that’s why the plants grew up.

Now the former Manila City Mayor Lito Atienza wants to destroy the park by putting an edifice in the site.

Archeology in Arroceros Foerst Park

As the Winner Foundation predicted and has constantly averred, the...
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