Feasibility Studies for Bookstore and Coffee Shop

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The Project and Its Background

This chapter provides all necessary information on the company’s background and nature of business. This includes the company name, location, nature of the business, historical background, mission, vision and core values statement, company objectives and feasibility criteria.

Company Name

During ancient times, leaves are used as a writing instrument in the form of “papyrus” which provides the knowledge and ideas that built the early civilization of mankind. It is an instrument which made people survive and improve their everyday life, and also, to help exist the world today. It became our inspiration in putting up a bookstore, the idea of which is to provide information, knowledge, and ideas that will help in supplementing the complex thinking of every person.

The Leaflets Bookstore is then formed because of the said conceptualized idea and inspiration. Just like a leaf that produce food for a tree, Leaflets Bookstore will also serve as an instrument in educating people and equip them with knowledge that will help them in forming their own idea of life.


“A good location is as important as the product”. Strategically located in Northridge Congressional Avenue Quezon City, Metro Manila with the size of 237 square meters. More than adequate parking space. Reasonably priced per square meter. Rental Payments as well as additional payments shall be stated within the leasing terms including registration of utilities and amenities.

Nature of the Business

Leaflets Bookstore’s goal is to serve our customers with resources with that will enrich their minds and improve their skills. It also aims to provide them with the most efficient way of book shopping.

The bookstore will offer a large variety of books including published and second-hand/used books. It shall also offer a “book bank service” which will provide used books for rent intended mainly for those customers who cannot afford to buy the books for sale and for those who want to “stop, sit and read”. A mini-café will also be established providing snacks and drinks that will make our customers’ reading experience more enjoyable.

Historical Background

An idea to enrich every mind by gathering and providing reading materials created our will to pursue a bookstore business. We know that by giving such service, this generation will have their minds filled with necessary information and knowledge. A generation with a good readership will create a responsible generation.

Also, a bookstore that is filled only by books and other reading materials makes it plain and regular. We taught that by providing other services more people will come and will be encourage to read. With these little ideas, Leaflets Bookstore came to be.

Mission, Vision and Core Values Statement


Leaflets Bookstore aims to provide wide variety of books and other reading materials with prices fair enough for the youth and middle-class households. Our purpose is to give the best services a bookstore can have with a very relaxing ambience suitable for reading moods complemented by light meals and hot-and-cold drinks through our mini-café.


Leaflets Bookstore endeavor to become the most innovative in providing wide variety of books; offering the best place for reading that will give satisfaction to our valued customers. And to be able to extend our services to other parts of the country who are in need of our offerings.

Core Values:

Quality, integrity and service are the utmost concern of Leaflets bookstore. We aim to provide our customers with books of good quality and give them excellent service.

Company Objectives:

1) To gain an identifiable market share by 35% in the first 2 years of operation.

2) To increase the company’s profit margin by 10% per year.

3) To gain the company’s overall...
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