Feasibility: Pancake and Snack House

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Name of the Enterprise

Pan y Fruta will be the name of the proposed snack house. Pan is a Spanish word meaning “bread” and Fruta is a Spanish word meaning “fruit”. The name is chosen because it totally explains what kind of food we are serving which is pancake and fruit shakes. It also easily draws the attention of different people because it is not named using the cliché English language. This idea is proposed because pancakes and fruitcakes were commonly highly demanded by high school students who need a unique twist in snacks and somewhere safe that they can hang around after school hours.


The snack house will be built near the Bettbien High School located in Abar 1st, San Jose City. The raw materials for the product are both easily accessible and readily available to the plant since the store will be built along Maharlika highway, near N.E. Bodega. It is also very near to the gasoline stations so fuel is not a problem for delivery vehicles. The plant is divided into four areas. The biggest area is for the dining and tambayan area of the customers. It also houses the counter where prospective customers can order and avail the products. The next biggest area is the working area where the food is cooked and garnished. The third area of the plant is given to the offices of the manager and president. The last area is the delivery and parking area where the delivery vehicles are contained and customers can park their cars. The plant is strategically placed beside Bettbien High school because private students can afford the products and it’s also best for them to hang out in a safe place every after school hours. Another reason is that the location of the school is along the Maharlika Highway so vehicles can have a stop-over and grab some of the pancakes and fruitcakes. With these reasons, the pancakes and fruit shakes house will be very profitable as well as efficient for the students and travelers.

Descriptive Definition of the Project

1. Related National Program

The project is in line with a government-undertaking that it is in the Department of Labor and Employment and it will contribute significantly in the government through taxation and by generating employment and income.

2. Affinity to Regional or Sectoral Studies

The owners could say that the findings in certain regions and sectors have encouraged them in coming up with this kind of business. It has been known that this kind of business is in demand nowadays especially in its target market, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija.

3. Project Potential and Proponent

This project can greatly help the government through taxation and employment. The tax that will be taken from the income of the business will benefit the society because San Jose City and the national government can use it for community development.

The product will also benefit the community by increasing employment rate and income of the workers.

Project’s long-range objectives

In ten years’ time, the owners expect that the business will continue to expand and increase employment. The project also expects to have a vital part in increasing the economy through its taxes and generation of more employments and income to laborers. Feasibility criteria

The most important guideline used to judge the feasibility of the project is the financial criterion. If the project turns out to be “in” and profitable, it will be feasible. Also, it helps in the socio-economic condition of the community because of its contribution to employment.

Highlights of the project

1. History
The project idea started through the recommendation of the businessmen engaging in snack house businesses. The owners have then studied its different aspects and how profitable it is. Data are gathered and have been proposed through feasibility study.

2. Project time table and status

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