Feasibility Laundry Shop

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Project Summary
A.Name of the Business
A business name is one of the most essential things to be prepared in starting a business. The proposed name of the business is “I Laba ü” Laundry Shop. The name of the business originated from the word “I love u”, “love” + “laba” = “I laba ü” that means we will wash your clothes with love and passion.

The location of the business is at Silverland Subdivision, Barangay Patul, Santiago City. Basically, the business is intended for the residents of the community because not all the residents have house helpers to do the laundry. Many residents are working and they are too busy to do the laundry so this kind of business is good enough for the people inside the subdivision. Originally, the location was occupied by Ariel Family, one of the owners of “I Laba ü”. The main location is at the center of the Silver Subdivision, 2 houses away from the Club House and very near at the gate so it is accessible for all the residents of the subdivision. An efficient site for “I Laba ü” is seen in the subdivision because the need for an instant way to clean the resident’s clothes is high. The village is in the city so raw materials and other utilities will be available for the business owners.

Strengths of the location:
The size and layout of the subdivision lends itself to easy manageability of its resources. There is a stable electric power, water supply and telecommunication services. The subdivision is developing more houses and expanding its area. The location is less prone to natural disasters because of its well- developed structure.

C.Description of the Project

Primarily, the project is intended for the residents of Silverland Subdivision and not in line with any other government advocacies. However, this may support a clean living which is aimed by the Department of Health but this project is basically to help the residents lessen their workload and ensure that their clothes are clean. It does not support any political aspects of the government or other organizations in the community.

“I Laba ü” significantly acts as a helper for the people who does not have enough time to do the laundry. It will be managed by a partnership who is a resident of the community. Through that, the target market is rest assured that the owners of the business adhere to what they need to get full satisfaction. It is a very good idea to put up a laundry shop in the subdivision because it also gives the mothers or the ones responsible for doing the laundry, an extra time to bond with other family members or do other productive things. Instead of doing the laundry that is tiring, people could just deposit their clothes in the shop and wait for it to get done. More time and effort will be saved by the residents and perhaps, it could be spent on other household chores, doing paper works and other.

This project will be managed by the people who know the feeling of being unsatisfied with what results they get from doing the laundry at home. The owners thought of more advantages and benefits that their co- residents will get from having their dirty clothes and stuffs done in an easy manner. The use of technology today should be able to respond to the needs and wants of the customers. In that case, a laundry shop is the answer to the need for clean clothes in less time, less cost and less effort.

D. Long-range Objectives

To be able to expand the business in other areas of the community in its three operating years. To gain 50% of loyal customers in a year.
To establish a good brand to customers and gain brand loyalty in its first three months of operation by prevailing a socially responsible enterprise. To increase profits in half a year’s time.

Market Study
This chapter covers the most important part of the project that intends to define the size, nature and growth of the demand for the product, description and price of the product, supply situation, nature...
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