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HTM 2903: Entrepreneurship

International Bachelor Tourism (HONS)
Tourism Management
Event Management

Lecturer: Ms. Sharina Puteh

Student Name: Amanda Evangeline Ting 1002LR88960
Jessy Tay 1002LR88950

Lim Kah Mun 1002LE88953

Koh Huan Ling 1002LR88849

Law Jun Wah 1002LR88917

Description of the process:
Identification and exploration of business scenarios:
Our identity differs from the conventional hotels. Themed with fantasy worlds and mother nature approaches of hospitality, we bring forth a brand of our own which caters to those who wish to explore into a comfortable stay and a touch of fun with a similar Vegas style towards different departments of entertainment and all the logistics of hospitality which are – restaurants, spa, fitness, entertainment sector, ballrooms and rooms from single to deluxe, superior etc. Define businesses and alternative scenarios:

The business scenario stands where all the major branded hotels are anchored with their world known name with branches all over the world. The standard luxurious of hospitality are available all around the world to cater to the same market, whilst, 360 degrees hotel will be the first multi themed hotel to sustain and hopefully become the starting point of a chain of hotels. Relationship to the surrounding geographical area:

People are fascinated with destinations that are furthest from their country of origin. They deem this aspect exotic. 360 degrees hotel is going to deliver cultures from parts of the world that is perceived as exotic and attractive such as Roswell, New Mexico; Las Vegas, Nevada; fantasy themes such as Dracula’s castle, Hogwarts, Harry Potter. All these themes are far from what the locals have to explore in their daily lives. Our themes have no relationship to the norm which is our pride product – uniqueness. Our hotel is easily accessible with more than 4 million residents, good infrastructure and average income earners to ensure sustainability. Located in urban area, we are highly visible and very in touch with the city to remind them of our existence in the hospitality sector. 

Market feasibility

Industry description

• A supernatural themed hotel which is located in KL area.

Industry competitiveness

There are some themed hotels which are well-developed for long time around Selangor state. For example, Sunway Resort Hotel which is located at Bandar Sunway, a themed hotel which based on the theme of Egypt and mummy. Colmar Tropicale which is located at Berjaya Hills is a themed resort based on the French theme. The tourists may choose a theme hotel/ resort which are developing for long time.

At the same time, the concept of themed hotel is not so popular among the market. Most of the customers are tend to some high class and luxury hotels.

Market potential

• It is the first supernatural themed hotel in Kuala Lumpur, even in the whole Malaysia.

• It may attract those X and Y generations who are interesting to experience those supernatural destinations around the world.

Access to market outlets

• Target at middle class X generation and Y generation who likes to try something that is excited.

• Not only provides the special environment, but also provides good service and nice food.

• Promotes it on the internet and social website such as Facebook, Twitter.

• Provides special promotion during opening and early birds.

Sales projection

• Sales estimate:

o Sell half of the rooms every month of the first year.

o Start to get revenue and sell 70% of the room every month of the second year.

o Continue earning revenue for the next year

Technical Feasibility

The facilities that need in our theme hotel are air conditioning, bathroom towel supplies,...
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