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1.A. Name of Project

The group chose the name “PICTOUR SAFARI” which stands for PICTURE, TOURISM and SAFARI primary because our business concept involves the taking of pictures of customers with background of famous tourist spots and with them holding wild as well as domesticated animals. The first word PICTOUR is derived from two words, PIC is from the word picture which means a visual representation of a thing or other term for photograph which will be the main product of the business, while TOUR itself meaning to travel around or to travel in various places of interest for business, leisure or other purposes. The second word SAFARI which is a word to describe a trip to observe and take photographs of animals and wildlife, which gave the business the concept and distinction from competitors. However, in order to shorten and compress the three words PICTURE, TOURISM and SAFARI, the group invented the business name “PICTOUR SAFARI”.

In the vernacular, the business name “PICTOUR SAFARI” is translated as “Larawan ng mga magagandang lugar pangturismo sa kagubatan kasama ang mga ibat ibang hayop”.


PICTOUR SAFARI's logo represents: first: the main animal attractions that our business offers. Visitors can feel themselves on a safari adventure. Second, the person in the middle of the logo caters to the center target of our market, which are the customers whether children or adults. Third, the inverted triangle with leaves represents that both the animals inside and the people are bounded together with our business. Not only will the people benefit from our business but also the environment, because our company would like to increase environmental awareness and protection amongst us. And through us, we market these important points to our customers. Buy touching or being near these animals, they will have the sense of responsibility to protect the animals and the environment not only for the present but also for future generations to come. Lastly, the camera will be the instrument that will produce a souvenir type product that our business will offer to its clients/customers. We will render photo souvenirs to customers which will include them and the animal of their choice. 1.B Location

The business will be situated inside the campus in the vicinity of San Sebastian College- Recoletos, which can be found along Claro M. Recto Avenue in the City of Manila. The business will be across the College Bookstore in the Arcade of the College Building. The College Arcade is a perfect location for the PICTOUR SAFARI because it is near to offices and places within the school community which is frequently visited by many individuals that may be possible costumers. The raw materials that the business will need may come from different bookstores and hardware stores. While the live animals and some of the equipments that will be used in the business operation are from Sponsors. Since the business will be situated inside the Campus, it will be accessible to interested individuals, most specially members of the school community. The cost of the rent for the space of the business is four hundred Pesos (Php. 400.00). The space which the business will be situated is accessible, visible and spacious enough to use by businesses like PICTOUR SAFARI.

The group opted to choose two locations where they will set up their business establishment. One is to be located inside the campus of the San Sebastian College Recoletos Manila particularly College Arcade near the bookstore and cashier while the second branch will be near the Padre Faura Center Building M. H. Del Pilar Street corner Padre Faura Street in Ermita Manila.

In choosing these locations, the group considered the following points: a. Sources of Raw Materials:
The sources of raw materials and pieces of equipment to be used in the running of the business abound in and around the...
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