Fears: Psychology and Way

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Fear is an emotional state, which we are educated with. These fears that normally have a negative perception in our life might have erased through our family or just culture. But where exactly do these fears come from? Our experiences throughout life show us that we are prone to be afraid of any situation, people or even objects that are around us. These awes have implications on our behaviors and personalities because they get through our minds as a respond of insecurity against a certain situation that we might have experienced or been told. Therefore, they change and shape the way we think about anything in our life. The way we live is extremely affected by these fears from childhood to old age and it varies in our culture, experiences and the places we live in. Experiences are the most common factors where one might develop fear. Principally our main fears are learned when we are in contact to objects that might be punitive, such as, electricity or hot things. In the same way we become afraid of races or people that are unlike us. We might not know about how dangerous walking alone in a not very good looking neighborhood could be until we got robbed by a group of people that, for instance, may be all black skin. After this experience we are not going to feel safe in the same place or with this kind of people. Indeed, we might never come back to the same location, and if we do, we will be very afraid of being trapped in the same situation. Even though fears mark our identities negatively, not only because we lived them but also because we are told to be wary while we are alone, they also help us to have caution and hence to act more intelligently in any place we might be. The city I grew up in is very diverse because there are many styles of life. Since I was a child I always had a fear about strangers or people that do not seem trustful and I frequently asked myself the reason I was afraid of them. Technically, mi...
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