Fear: the Greatest Obstacle to Success

Topics: Want, Social anxiety, High school Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: March 17, 2012
Fear: The Greatest Obstacle to Success

Success is possible with everyone. Most often it is blocked by obstacles to protect us from pain. The greatest of these obstacles is FEAR. There are many people where fear does not exist – they are faced with a challenge and meet it head on. One challenge that I recall personally was back in high school our class had to prepare an oral report to be given in front of the class. My biggest fear was making a mistake or even greater, making a fool of myself. Well, I was extremely shy in my younger days – and missed out on a lot because of it. But I have no regrets, as I graduated with my class and was very studious. Hmmm… Thinking back maybe it was not making a fool that was the problem – perhaps it was I did not feel I had any value to share. Someone was better than me, and I did not want to find out. It is funny how certain fears we once held suddenly as we get older do not seem to be the big deal they were. We did not have the focus and clarity in our younger days, as we were being guided by our parents and teachers down the appropriate paths. So, we go onto college where our instructors and fellow class further guide us or we get a J-O-B, where other rules apply. You do as you are told and follow THEIR protocol. As long as you are being led, life is simple and you get small rewards for being obedient and faithful. Your J-O-B was pretty secure as long as you remained productive. You have a wonderful family, seemingly secure career, and are the life of the party. Suddenly you hit the big 4-0, and meet an old friend from college, he seems to be travelling and seeing the world, sharing insights, and always there for his family. They have a big home, yacht, and limousine – a personal freedom, but how can he afford all that. What is he doing, and you have had your 9-5 job since high school, thought you were doing great with your annual reviews and cost of living increases regularly. The key, he had the guts to...
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