Fear of the Unknown

Topics: High school, Learning, Middle school Pages: 5 (937 words) Published: February 25, 2011
Fear of The Unknown

I was born in Tyrone PA, I lived there till my father got a job at a

construction business. It was a an opportunity of a lifetime for my father he would be a business partner of the company and the supervisor of operations of the crew that traveled all over the United States. There was a

catch to all of this that the jobs took years to complete, so this ment we would have to relocate to wherever he had to go for work. I have been through some scary and frightening things in my lifetime, but this was the

first time i ever remember being frightened. I was six years old and lived in the same place since i was born. I was leaving everything i known my family, friends, and my first school. I was still really young but i remember

not knowing the difficulty of being accepted in a new school and community. For instance, a young person may be intimidated when walking into a room where he or she knows no one, but with time and practice soon,

the young person will feel more comfortable. The first couple of times my family and i relocated to different areas i was scared and frightened. Soon i learned that the most important thing is to simply smile, and enter

new situations with a positive attitude.
To start, I have moved ten times in my life, experiencing three different

high schools, one middle and five elementary schools. Nevertheless, moving in high school is one of the most difficult experiences. In the beginning it is...
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