Fear of Loss in Terence Rattigan's The Browning Version

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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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Fear of loss in “The Browning Version“ by Terence Rattigan – a personal response to the drama and its filmversion

Rattigan’s play “The Browning Version“ is accompanied by the fear of loss or at least by fear itself during the whole act. One fear leads to another fear as for example the fear of failing of Mr. Crocker-Harris leads to the fact that he refuses to change his teaching due to the fear of to could fail again. One can assume that throughout the whole play a vicious cricle is controlling the whole people’s motivation of their acting and interacting. To start with, Mr. Crocker-Harris, as already said, is afraid of failing and as he is concerned that he exactly did so he refuses to change and ignores his surrounding which leads or already has led to his wife, Millie, cheating on him with Frank Hunter. Mr. Crocker-Harris is dreaded by all other pupils except for Taplow. Taplow is the only one who really thinks Mr. Crocker-Harris to be deep inside a nice person. He considers him to be a great teacher. Millie Crocker-Harris fears to be lonely and therefore tries to manipulate people which leads to her total lonelyness. She is very unhappy with her husband and blaimes him for her unsuccessful and unhappy marriage. She is in love with Frank Hunter, another teacher, who is far much younger than her husband and who himself is not in love with her. In the end she loses both, her husband and Frank, because of Frank finding out her to be the deepest cruelty. Taplow fears not getting his remove and therefore has to do extra work with Mr. Crocker-Harris. He is the only pupil, who does not fear Mr. Crocker-Harris and actually thinks that he is a nice teacher and man. Reading the play, I felt very sorry for Mr. Crocker-Harris because he seems to be caught in his own depression. It seems to be a vicious circle he cannot get over. Unlike I felt with Millie. To be honest, I really wished her to suffer because she not even grants her husband some great feeling just...
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