Fear Is Inevitable

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  • Published : March 30, 2011
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Change is inevitable, no one can avoid it, but the way you deal with the change and the emotions that come along with it can alter the outcome of the change, either in a positive of negative way. This comes under the aspect of change, known as fear. We are always fearing change, fearing how and what its going to change our path in life. You will find that in“The Book Thief” by Marcus Zusak and “Rain Man” by Barry Levinson both explore how if we fear change or push it away, it wont get you anywhere the change will always happen. I have also shown my aspect of change through my visual representation.

You can have the power to alter the way you percieve change you can fear it, or push it away. But you can also accept the change. If you go with the change, you might even be able to percieve the change in a more positive and accepting way, changing it from a negative situation to a positive situation. For example in my visual representation, there is someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, if they take on a positive outlook and want to help themselves by getting treatment, the outcome is more positive. Acting in a certain way can almost defnately help to change your situation of change into a positive one, just like how in the film rainman Charlie adapts to raymonds need for his t.v programs so he doesnt fight this and buys raymond a portable t.v. Accepting the change is also explored through the book theif, when leisel accepts max the jewish fist fighter into her family, Leisel looking at this change in a positive way lead her down that positve path as she had now formed a loving bond with him, as he has in some respects morphed into a surrogate brother for leisels dead brother.

The alternate way you can percieve change is to fear change and fight against it. In my visual representation if you did decide to fight against this cancer and almost tell yourself that it isnt happening,will get you no where, because no matter how you look at the diagnoses you...
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