Fear in Where Are You Going Where Have You Been

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  • Published : November 17, 2010
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Going through life, adapting to changes as you grow older and transforming from a young and reckless, naïve child into a working, responsible adult could be very fearful. Change itself is one of the biggest fears people encounter each and every day. Having to do things on their own, or figuring out if the decisions they make are right and if their experiences are going to help them or just hurt them more in the long run. In Connie's experience with Arnold Friend, whether it is real or a dream, the theme of "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been," is ultimately about fear. Likewise, "We didn’t," while its dominant tone is comic, the underlying theme is based on fear. Both stories ultimately deal with the fear of crossing through the passage from childhood/adolescence to adulthood. But how does fear fit into being the main themes in the stories? Fear being defined as a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger. When exposed to a situation when fear is instilled in a person, their mind does not think in a logical perspective. For instance, in “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been,” the core theme of the short story is fear. Connie, the main character of the story, lives a secret life when she is out with her friends, a life much different from the one she lives while at home. She is more daring and outgoing, a happy-go-lucky girl without a care in the world. Unfortunately, Connie is about to have an unexpected visitor at her house while the rest of her family is at a barbeque. Arnold Friend, a guy she saw at the restaurant a few nights before, arrived at Connie’s house and knew she was home alone. Somehow this random guy knew a lot more about her life than he should have known, considering they never formally met. When he walks up to the door where she is standing she starts to get more scared, this is where fear is tied into the story. She fears that he will enter the house and that he could do whatever he wants considering he is bigger and...
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