Fear in the Lord of the Flies and a Sufi Tale

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Fear in Lord of the Flies and a Sufi Tale
Fear of the unknown is prevalent in “Lord of the Flies” and “Sufi Tales”. In Lord of the Flies the fear of the unknown manifests as “the beast”, while in Sufi Tales fear manifests as the watermelon. The boys in LOTF react almost the same as the villagers in A Sufi Tale, they both cower and are afraid of this unknown. The Swordsman and Jack both try to hunt and kill the beast only to be shunned by the community. The Farmer and Simon try to explain that the “beast” isn’t really a beast but only the farmer gets to tell his people. Simon gets brutally slaughtered on the beach. Fear of the unknown is represented in Lord of the Flies by the beast. Throughout the story the beast takes on multiple forms, the beast on the island, the beast from the sea, the dead pilot, and the “ghost”. The beast is first mentioned by a Little’un at an assembly because he was having nightmares about it. Jack and his hunters go out to find and kill this “beast” but they only find the sow. After killing the sow Jack was rejected from Ralph’s camp and goes off to make his own. Fear in A Sufi Tale is represented by the watermelon which no one has ever seen. The farmers and other villagers start to panic and cower from this “creature”. The swordsman comes in and slices the melon in half “killing” it. The villagers disapprove and banish him from their village. In Lord of the Flies Simon tries to settle the boy’s fears but when he tries to tell them the beast isn’t real, the boys mistake him for the beast and brutally slaughter him. This ends the boy’s chances of ever finding out what the beast really was. In A Sufi Tale the farmer explains to the villagers that the melon isn’t some kind of monster, it’s a food. The farmer succeeds and the villagers begin to eat the melon. After these events the boys are still afraid of the best until they get rescued at the end of the story, while the villagers relish in the fact they have a new crop. In the end the...
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