Fear and George Kaufman

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Fear comes in many forms. One of the worst forms of having fear is having a phobia. There once was a very successful man named George Kaufman. He had a horrible in dept, phobia of germs. In this essay I will be using Mr. Kaufman to illustrate the seriousness of having phobias that you have to live with every second, of every day in your life. Phobias are a very serious disease. When you have a phobia it means that you have an extreme fear of something, object or situation, that poses little to no actual danger. Some people such as Mr. Kaufman have a phobia of germs. They have to go through their lives not interacting with anything that’s not sterilized. Mr. Kaufman couldn’t eat at friend’s houses, or touch anyone because of his fear of getting germs. He couldn’t open a doorknob with his bare hands, or eat anywhere but his home because of his fears of being poisoned by germs. He had to become enclosed because he didn’t want to hug or shake hands with another seeing that he pictured germs on the person’s hands and being transferred to his. People with phobias are not able to function like others which alter their lives in many ways. George Kaufman was a very intelligent man, who wrote over 40 hit Broadway plays. Sadly however he became playged by fears. He hated dust, horses, cheese, groceries, doorknobs and many other things. He also hated doing anything that might have been unclean. He was uncommonly worried about his health, so he had doctors for everything. He refused to take that he was fully healthy for an answer and demanded shots when he didn’t need them. He also treated his doctors horribly. He never took their prescriptions and was bossy and demanding towards them. He once made his doctor run to his home just to see how long it would take him if it was an actual emergency. He went through so much anguish; he was convinced that his teeth were going to fall out so he went to the dentist every 6 months. He...
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