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November, 2012
Fear essay

When we grow up we learn to fear such things as drugs, alcohol and strangers. These fears are taught to us by our parents trying to help us grow to be safe, healthy individuals. While learning to avoid these dangers, we also experience hardships and traumas that teach us to be afraid of whatever it is we went through. But one of the most influential cause of fears is that which we witness in movies, shows and in the news. This is because we see these highly exaggerated scenes, which only teach us the worst case scenarios. This causes our brain to react by permanently marking that experience as something that we would never want to go through, something fearful. In other words, although people have noticed that past experiences and learned fears are huge causes of fear, a careful examination suggests that the media plays an extreme role in the cause of fear in human behaviors.

In the 1970s, Steven Spielberg created the movie “Jaws”, with a blood thirsty shark as the main character. Although sharks were already a widely feared animal, this movie made shark-phobia one of the most common fears of people. Actual shark attacks at beaches became more publicized in the news and it was not uncommon to hear people referencing to the movie while at the beach. Although there is a small chance of being attacked by sharks, the fear that “Jaws” created also increased the amount of deaths of sharks. People began to act upon their fear and hunt the sharks to insure to them their safety. “Jaws” created a fear to people by taking something that most were already nervous of and highlighting it, making it a real fear for them.

When I was in 6th grade my favorite T.V. show, Ghost Whisperer, had a special 3 episode line up that would end the season. I was so excited, so I went to my friends house and we got all ready to watch it. The episode had Melinda, the main character, meet with more ghosts than usual and even be able to...
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