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  • Published : October 4, 2011
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Marketing Case Analysis #1
Fe’ Nix Del Sur, LLC
Fe’ Nix del Sur is a reputable dealer headquartered in Arizona that prides itself on exclusivity and authenticity. They have a very limited distribution to specialty dealers and a few select department stores. They have a very careful verification process that gained them a “national reputation as one of the most respected sources of these types of artifacts”. Gross sales are about $25 million with a 20% increase per year over the last decade. They have previously had only about 5 major competitors, but are now facing more than eleven with more potential growth. The strengths and weaknesses of said competitors are as follows. CompetitorsStrengthWeaknesses

Large specialty exclusive department stores-can deal with sources directly -power to negotiate-larger overall cost
-set up shop anywhere
-authentic appearance
-appeals to tourist market-inauthentic
-must bargain
-easily ripped off
Internet-high quality
-ability to search engine specific product and market to larger definite audience-inability for customer to see artifact until bought and delivered -internet security issues
Mass merchandising retail stores-bigger availability/ not too exclusive* -cheaper
-more appealing to “gift buyer” market-product quality inconsistent -most artifacts are replicas and inauthentic
-*less exclusive lessens the ability to sell at a higher price

In this market, buyers can buy directly from sources such as African, Navajo, and Hopi craftsmen, artisans can also make replicas in craft stores and department stores can buy from trusted sources such as Fe’ Nix del Sur. The market can be segmented as such.

Gift BuyersCollectors
Prone to buy replicasProne to buy authentic based on knowledge Wants for decorationWants for education/ collections
Looking to spend lessMore willing to spend more

Requirements for success in this industry are not only to be authentic and stress the...
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