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There had been some differences occurring between the North and the South, and theses differences had escalated substantially by the Antebellum period. The aberration had grown to a point where the North and the South had become two distinct nations. These two nations had differed socially, economically, and politically. With key differences such as the three stated it is absurd to believe that the North and South were one entire nation during the antebellum period.

One change that was responsible for the dynamic growth between the North and the South was that both were socially diverse. One factor that had further separated the two nations socially was that the South had formed a code of chivalry and a strong honor. In the honor culture of the Old South, the slightest insult, as long as it was perceived as intentional, could become the basis for a duel. In contrast the North’s ideal was character, someone who acted out of the prompting of conscience. In spite of the fact the North and the South did have the same language and same customs it still doesn’t pardon the fact the they were two different nations socially. The ability for the North to progressively grow was also easier than in the South because of the higher literacy rate. The South had lagged behind the North in provisions for public education and abhorred the thought of educating slaves. Therefore white illiteracy, which had been declining in the North, remained high in the South.

Economically, the North and the South couldn’t be farther apart. At a time when the North was rapidly urbanizing, the South remained predominantly rural. One reason for the rural character of the South was its lack of industries. The South had accounted for only 10 percent of the nation’s manufacturing. On the other hand the North was 85 percent industrial and had made most southern factories seem small. Agriculturally, the fact that the North had family farms and grew mostly foods and that the South had mostly cotton...

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