FDR's New Deal Alphabet Soup Agencies

Topics: New Deal, Great Depression, Works Progress Administration Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: March 3, 2008
What do you do when an entire country is in an economic depression? You can count on FDR's New Deal to resolve it. FDR's New Deal is an expression that is used to describe the number of relief, recovery, and reforms programs aimed to fight off the Great Depression. These programs are also known as the alphabet agencies due to their acronyms. With New Deal programs such as the CCC, FDIC, AAA, WPA, and Social Security, FDR is able to improve the lives of millions of people suffering under the depression.

Unemployment was a major problem ever since the Great Depression started. Without jobs, people were not able to earn money to support themselves and their families. In 1933, thirteen million people are unemployed. To counteract this problem, FDR created alphabet agencies like the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps), the WPA (Works Progress Administration), the CWA (Civil Works Administration) and the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) to promote jobs. In the CCC alone, the agency hired two hundred and fifty thousand young men to do conservation and construction work. These young men work really hard and in return, the CCC provided them with food, clothing, and shelter. Besides getting "three hots and a cot," (three hot meals and a place to sleep) the CCC also paid them thirty dollars a month: five dollars for themselves and twenty five dollars for their families. Besides promoting jobs, the jobs itself also benefits the community in some way. Every alphabet agency is created to serve a number of purposes. The CCC builds dams, roads, beaches, and planted seventeen million acres of new forests. The TVA helped provide inexpensive and reliable electrical power for farming areas, and created dams and hydroelectric power plants for the welfare of the people in the Tennessee River Valley.

Bank suspensions were another problem caused by the Great Depression. Bank failures were caused by a combination of unpaid loans and people rushing to make withdrawals...
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