Fdr Timeline

Topics: New Deal, Franklin D. Roosevelt, 73rd United States Congress Pages: 3 (985 words) Published: May 19, 2013
March 4th 1933 FDR Inauguration
March 6th Bank Holiday
March 9th Emergency Session of Congress. Passage of Emergency Banking Act. March 10th Economy Act sent to Congress
March 12th First Fireside Chat
March 13th Banks begin to reopen
March 16th Farm Bill sent to congress to remedy lack of purchasing power of farmers. This includes the measures against over-production which by October result in 6 million pigs being slaughtered and the meat thrown out as waste, and cotton crops plowed under. March 20th Economy Act Passed into Law. This Act cut Veterans benefits by 50%. Veterans benefits made up 25% of the budget. The whole budget was $3.6 billion. Therefore, pre cuts, the benefits were $900 million, afterwards $450 million. March 21st Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) bill sent to Congress. March 22nd Beer-wine revenue bill sent to Congress.

March 27th Farm Credit Administration created by Executive Order merger of 9 separate agencies. Farm Mortgage Relief Act proposed. Half of farmers threatened with foreclosure. Banks foreclosing on farm mortgages at rate of 20,000 per year by February 1933. March 31st CCC passed into law. Initially designed to create 250,000 jobs among unemployed young adults. Created more than 2 million by the end of the program in 1942. The CCC was empowered to employ these youth for flood control, reforestation, suppression of tree disease, clearing fire breaks, building fire observation towers, creating parks, protecting endangered species (Whooping Crane). Over the life of the program 4 million trees were thinned, one billion fish stocked and 30,000 wildlife shelters built. April 3rd Farm Mortgage Relief proposal was sent to Congress and attached to the Agricultural Adjustment Act. April 5th Farm Mortgage Relief reported out of committee and passed into law. April 7th Beer sales were legal for the first time since Prohibition began in 1920. Tax revenues flow into government. April 10th Congress sent legislative proposal for Tennessee...
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