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Topics: Franklin D. Roosevelt, World War II, President of the United States Pages: 5 (1862 words) Published: April 11, 2013
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Zeno Schuszter
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24 February 2011
Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Accomplishments and Achievements The twenty second Amendment in the constitution, which sets a limit of two terms for the president of the U.S, was instituted after FDR left office. This man was no other then the famous president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He accomplished greatness and may have been the best president ever to run America. Without fear or self-doubt he faced immense problems, problems such as The Great Depression and WW II. These problems were catastrophic, and still Franklin Roosevelt pulled through and managed to solve them. He dealt not only with world problems but also with an assassination attempt. After all those troubles must have been great to know that he could go back home to his beloved wife, Eleanor. Eleanor and Franklin’s relationship was unique. Every great story has a strong foundation to it. So let’s start out by learning where the great leader was born.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born on January 30th, 1882. His birthplace was at a family estate in Hyde Park, New York. The newborn baby was born into a very wealthy family and was the fifth cousin to the past great president Theodore Roosevelt. Franklin already had presidential blood running through his veins, but no one could possibly imagine how great his accomplishments would be. Behind every great leader there is a great education, and Franklin got the best education money could buy. The youngster was enrolled into a very expensive renowned school called Groton to receive his education.

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FDR’s education at Groton paid off in the future. Solving problems, being a leader and an outstanding politician, Franklin was determined to become governor of his city. The state he grew up in, New York. Franklin knew the state, its people, and its way of life. It was not easy to become governor of New York, but he succeeded. Being the governor was no easy job either with the failing economy and a recession which was sure to come soon. It was the biggest recession the United States has ever faced. This horrible recession came to be called “The Great Depression”. But New York’s outstanding governor handled the “Great Depression” with great care and urgency. For that reason New York was one of the very few states to recover very fast from the Depression.

That act of outstanding political leadership throughout an extremely tough time earned him a nomination to become president of the United States. This was Franklins golden opportunity to achieve greatness. So in 1932, Roosevelt began campaigning to become the President of the United States. Meanwhile the Great Depression was still happening in the country. FDR’s key to success was his status as a Democrat and his past accomplishment in abolishing the recession from New York. During the campaigning process FDR constantly described how Herbert Hoover, his opponent, failed to keep promises and would only hurt the U.S instead of helping it. Franklin demoralized Hoover, and tried to weaken his reputation as much as possible so that he could gain an advantage in the race to become president. In this crucial time Democrats gave most of their attention to the poor and to organized labor. That sort of attention won most of the population over along with most ethnic minorities. On Election Day Franklin didn’t just win the election, but he won it by a huge margin. FDR’s tactic of focusing in on the work force and promising change won him the popular vote as well as the Electoral College vote. But sweet victory came at a price. Right before Franklin

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won the election he contracted polio. This deadly disease left him permanently crippled for the rest of his life. FDR spent many years in physical therapy, but it did not help. He would remain permanently paralyzed. He tried to keep his disability a secret. In fact he kept it so secret no...
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