Fdr's New Deal

Topics: New Deal, Social Security, Great Depression Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: November 30, 2012
Qahdirrha Parker
Quarterly 1

“Identify who supported and who argued against FDR’s New Deal. Why are there such different views on this President and his policies?”

FDR’s New Deal is a series of economic programs that have been enacted in the United States between 1933 and 1936. These programs were set towards the Great Depression, and focused on the 3 “Rs” Relief, Recovery and Reform. Everyone had mixed emotions about this whole thing. FDR thought he was doing for the people, when in the people’s eye he did just the opposite.

During this time, some people did not agree with what FDR had to bring to the table. Many people who did not agree with him because they felt as though that the New Deal didn’t really do anything for the economy. Especially during the great depression; this also depended on your political philosophy. Like if you are someone who’s conservative or liberal or etc. Some people would say that FDR ignored most of the constitution in most cases and that he spent most of his money prolonging the depression. One person who did not agree is Charles Coughlin. Charles was against it because he felt like it was a communist conspiracy. He called out Roosevelt for being “anti-God”. Coughlin wanted “fair wage”. He teamed up with Francis Townsend who also opposed the new deal. Townsend wanted the federal government to give all citizens ages 60 and above $200 a month to be financed. These 2 men allied themselves with Gerald Smith, who was Huey Long’s successor. The 3 planned to tape the voting strength of America in 1936. (Document 5) Another person was Huey Long. Huey Long was a Senator from Louisiana. He criticized Roosevelt for not doing enough for the poor. Long was not the only one in the world that felt like this. The people who were unemployed felt the same way. Also with this, Congress didn’t even agree with what FDR wanted to do either. Most of the time they thought that what he was doing was unconstitutional. Going against what the...
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