Fdi Will Revitalize the Education System

Topics: Education, Higher education, History of education Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Education, a panacea for the ailing living standard, an elixir to the indignant poverty condition, a question as well as an answer to the economic disparity and an instrument to measure the prosperity of a nation, is a matter of concern for India. Population explosion rate has always been way ahead of literacy rate. Moreover the unfit, obsolete, and rote learning provided by the existing institutions have aggravated the problem in the form of educated unemployment. There is a dire need of complete overhaul of education system. Government has certainly done its bit by creating schemes and allotting funds, however, the stark reality is it (government) does not have enough capital to build new universities but it certainly does have the power to revitalize the system by implementing niche policies best one of these would be allowing FDI in education.

Currently education is a non-profit entity in India which results in formation of bogus trusts creating a cauldron of black money and a safe haven for corrupt politicians. The learning imparted by these are way below the standards and the pass out graduates add themselves every year to the pool of educated unemployed. Estimates say that only 10 out of 100 graduates are employable. Recruiting companies have to invest heavily on the technical adaptability making them loss of time and expertise. Rather more convenient and less expensive way would be to give them the consummate learning at the institution itself. Ambanis and tatas are vying for opening industry specific varsities but the redundant government mandate prevents them from doing so. Bringing foreign universities too will help ease the burden. Cambridge, oxford deserves to be in our country too.

Indians have proved their mettle in academics provided with good education, however most of these achievements happen to be in foreign. India lacks basic infrastructure and expertise for research....
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