Fdi and Fii in Retail in India

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Fdi and Fii in Retail in India

By | December 2010
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Q1. It has been said that Japanese automobile co.’s produce more cars with fewer workers. Discuss the operation strategy, Organisation strategy, goals, diminishing and the tactics adopted by one of the Japanese automobile manufacturing co.? Q2. Explain the terms: vision, strategy, tactics and goals. Explain these terms for a particular organization? Q3. What are strategy and tactics? Explain With the help of examples. Q4. Explain Internal and External factors during the formulation of a strategy? Q5. An enterprise produces various leather goods for local markets. Find out the capital productivity in the following situations: a) 150 Belts were produced at an input cost of Rs.1800 and the sales price for each Rs.15 b) 100 money purses were made at an input cost of Rs.4000 and the sales price of each is Rs.25. Calculate capital productivity.

Q6. A metal press operator is paid Rs.60 per day and Rs.2 per day extra for a rise of 5points of efficiency over rating of 100, which is a standard performance incentive calculation. The standard time per unit of production is 30 units and the operator makes 20 units in a shift of 8hrs. calculate the incentive bonus he would get per day. Q7. What constitutes operation at a bank, a retail store, a hospital and a cable TV company.? Q8. What are the activities involved in an operation function? How does operation interact with other functional areas of an organisations? Q9. What are 4 common barriers that firms experience as they try to enter a new industry? Q10. Describe the Global activities of a corporation of your choice? How many foreign plants do they have? Where are they located? Q11. How accurate is your local five day weather forecast ? support your answer with actual data. Q12. Differentiate between quantitative and qualitative forecasting method? Q13. What is the difference between trend cycle and...

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