Topics: Employment, Occupational safety and health, Human resource management Pages: 4 (1021 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Human resources is important to organizations in 10 specific areas, ranging from strategic planning to company image. HR practitioners in a small business who have well-rounded expertise provide a number of services to employees. The areas in which HR maintains control can enhance employees’ perception of HR throughout the workforce when they believe HR considers employees to be its internal customers and renders services with that in mind. Strategy

HR improves the company's bottom line with its knowledge of how human capital affects organizational success. Leaders with expertise in HR strategic management participate in corporate decision-making that underlies current staffing assessments and projections for future workforce needs based on business demand. Compensation

HR compensation specialists develop realistic compensation structures that set company wages competitive with other businesses in the area, in the same industry or companies competing for employees with similar skills. They conduct extensive wage and salary surveys to maintain compensation costs in line with the organization's current financial status and projected revenue. Benefits

Benefits specialists can reduce the company’s costs associated with turnover, attrition and hiring replacement workers. They are important to the organization because they have the skills and expertise necessary to negotiate group benefit packages for employees, within the organization's budget and consistent with economic conditions. They also are familiar with employee benefits most likely to attract and retain workers. This can reduce the company’s costs associated with turnover, attrition and hiring replacement workers. Safety

Employers have an obligation to provide safe working conditions. Workplace safety and risk management specialists from the HR area manage regulations through maintaining accurate work logs and records, and developing programs that reduce the number of workplace injuries and fatalities....
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