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  • Published: February 9, 2011
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Output of a Seminar on Energy Conservation in Cement Industry

Sponsored by

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), Japan
Hosted by

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Bangladesh
Organized by

Ministry of Power and Energy, Sri Lanka

The Energy Conservation Center (ECC), Japan 1994 Bangladesh Sri Lanka

The conservation of energy is an essential step we can all take towards overcoming the mounting problems of the worldwide energy crisis and environmental degradation. In particular, developing countries are interested to increase their awareness on the inefficient power generation and energy usage in their countries. However, usually only limited information sources on the rational use of energy are available. The know-how on modern energy saving and conservation technologies should, therefore, be disseminated to government and industrial managers, as well as to engineers and operators at the plant level in developing countries. It is particularly important that they acquire practical knowledge of the currently available energy conservation technologies and techniques. In December 1983, UNIDO organized a Regional Meeting on Energy Consumption as well as an Expert Group Meeting on Energy Conservation in small- and medium-scale industries for Asian countries. During these meetings, it was brought out that, for some energy intensive industries, savings up to 10% could be achieved through basic housekeeping activities, such as auditing and energy management. All these experiences brought UNIDO to prepare a regional programme on the promotion and application of energy saving technologies in selected subsectors, since the rational use of energy calls for a broad application of energy conservation technologies in the various industrial sectors where energy is wasted. One of these energy intensive industrial sectors to be...
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