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Asdfmovie Edit
The asdfmovie
Video #16
Link: watch
Rating: Unknown
User: TomSka
Date Added: August 18, 2008
Length: 01:47
Description: ass-duff-moo-vee

PivotRJ (animator):

Music: Binärpilot - Acrodysostosis and Goof Sound: Gunshot -

Original asdfcomics:

European Store

Worldwide Store
Category: Comedy
Tags: asdf funny cartoon haha random laser collection stoc lol pwned asdfman asdfmovie Views: 4789961
style="background: #99CCCC; font-size: 110%;" align="center" colspan="2" Adjacent Videos Previous: Bing and Spamcat
Next: Jake and Amir - Partners in Rhyme

The asdfmovie is a collection of comics composed into a video by TomSka. The video is his most viewed video and is the first of two asdf movies. Many view the video as random and funny. The video is most popular in the United States, followed by United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, and Australia. TranscriptEdit

SON: Hehehehehehe. Ooh.
DAD: (grabs nose) Got your nose!
SON: Eeoo.
COP: (kicks open the door and...

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