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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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Jinelle Peart
Course: Law Governance and Economy of the Society
Tuturial Time: Mondays 2-3
2012 Exam paper
Section A
Question 5: The structure of the judicial system in Commonwealth Caribbean Countries is based on four or five tiers. Describe in detail the hiearchy of courts in a Commonwealth Country of your choice.

Jamica's hiearchy is based on the judicial system of the United Kingdom, jamaica also has a common law jurisdiction which had previous cases from the English Law and the British Commonwealth tradition. The hiearchy system of jamaica is divided into four sections starting from the lowest to the highest.

Petty Session is the lowest court in the hiearchial system, they are prosecuted over by a justice of the peace. Appeals from this court goes to the circuit court in the parish where the petty session is located, the cases can be persecuted by the clerk of the court and a police officer. They hear minor matters such as indecent language, threatening language, applications for liquor liscence,larceny, and littering in public areas. The maximum fine is $2,000 dollars, the maximum imprisonment is thirty days and the maximum claim is $10,000 dollars. The Resident Magistrate Court is found in every parish, this court hears and tries both civil and criminal matters. This court consits of a clerk and a director public prosecution whom is Paula Llewyin, the court deals with the criminal cases while the civil cases has their own reprehensive attorney. They do not appeal for certain criminal cases such as murder or treason. They can conduct a preliminary enquire to see if the cases can go for trial or not. In criminal cases, the maximum fine is one million dollars per offence and the maximum imprisonment is of five years in prison, for the civil cases the maximum claim is $250,000 dollars and appeals can be made to the court of appeal. The types of courts that can be found in the Resident Magistrate Court are: Tax Court, Night Court, Gun...
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