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Fcps part1 paper November 2012

1000. Contractile unit in skeletal muscle is between..
a. h discs
b. z lines
c. t tubules

992. Diaphragm is supplied by
a. C3
b. C3,4,5
c. C4,5
d. C4,5,6

A 80 yr old male comes to surgical OPD ,with complaint of watery discharge coming out from umbilicus ,he has a prostatic enlargement for the last 5 yrs ,what is the cause ?

A) prostatic cancer
B) patent vitelointestinal duct
C) patent urachus
D) constriction of uretheric sphnicter
E) constriction of ureter

Specificity of a test represnts ?

A) true positive
B) true negative
C) false positive
D) false negative

Patient of ureamia ( increase urea ) ,what could be the cause of Ureamia ?

A) increase reabsorption from PCT
B) increase secretion from DCT
C) reduce GFR
D) increase reabsorption from thick ascending limb of loop of henle

highest caloric value ?

A) carbohydrates
B) protiens
C) fats
D) starch

LIver held in its position in the body By?

A) diaphgram
B) peritoneal ligaments
C) inferior vena ceva
D) Falciform ligament

Cause of right shift of oxygen dissociation curve ?

A) carbon monooxide
B) fetal hemoglobin
C) decrease PH
D) increase PH

Cyclic Amp represents ?

A) protein pump
B) Ion channels
C) receptors
D) hormone

which of the following is not in ant. relation to left kidney a) diaphram b) pancreas c) stomach d) spleen

In which part of a respiratory tract Max gas exchange occurs ?

A) alveolar duct
B) alveolar sac
C) Alveoli
D) respiratory bronchi
D) terminal bronchi

Anterior fontanela close at ?

A) 6 - 12 months
B) 12- 18 months
C) 18- 24 months
D) 24- 30 months

all muscles are in posterior relatn to breast except
A.pec major
B. Pec minor
C. Serratus anterior
D. Latissmus dorsi

Morphine causes ?

A) bradypnea & miosis
B) bradypnea & mydriasis
C) tachypnea & miosis
D) tachypnea & mydriasis

Which of the following bone is first to ossify ?

A) sternum
B) clavicle
C) humerus
D) femur

In anion gap calculation NA is multiplied by 2 cause?

A) Anions
B) other cations
C) protiens

A patient with a lesion in the nose,granulomas n proteinuria,most likely lesion?

A) Wegner's granulomatosis
B) leprosy
c) sarcoidosis
D ) TB

cardiac muscle cannot be tetanized because it has

a) action potential with plateau
b) gap junctions
C) long duration of contraction
d) long refractory period
e) automaticity

Which one is precancerous lesion?

A) cervical erosion
B) leukoplakia
C) heamarthrosis
d) duodenal ulcer

blood brian barrier formed by:

a) astrocyes
b)ependymal cells
c) microglia

pt can survive without mechanical ventilation if the lesion is at: a) Above C 2
B at C 3
C) at C4
D) Below C 5

which of following tumor do not metz in bones.
a) prostate
B) bronchogenic
C) liver cell carcinoma
D) thyroid medullary carcinoma

60 year old man has bilaterall enlarged lymph node in neck. biopsy revealed hodgkin lymphoma. which type of hodgkin has good prognosis? a) lymphocytes deplited
B) lymphocyte predominant
C) nodular sclerosis
D) mixed cellularity

old pt admitted in ICU with CVP passed in subclavian, developed fever. for that one blood cs sent from periphery and second in cvp tip for cs. after 2 days initial report came positive for gram +ve cocci in cvp. which antibiotic would b best for this pt. a) imepenem

b) penicillin with culvanic
c) vacomycin
d) cefelosporins

BBB formed by:
a) astrocyes
b)ependymal cells
c) microglia

There was a question on histoplasmosis but I don't recall the opts.

Commonly acquired UTI in hospital patients is by:


Light chains are present in (Amyloidosis)

(Anyone remember the options or know the ans?)

Infectious extravascular fluid:

Specific Gravity Less than 1.03...
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