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The Illiad

historical basis- 13th century
greek city-states vs. Troy
troy was on again sea was richest in the world

Homer lived in 8th century BC
19thcentury- Heinrech Schleeman found troy
Homer could be a syndicate- a collaboration of multiple writers

1st book written in Florence, Italy in 1488
our version by W. H. D. Rouse in 1937

Zeus- urge to create,
Callipe- muse of poetry (one of the 12 daughters of Zues)

illiad begins in year 10 of the war
the odyssey the second book of Homer is set in the 10 year journey of odyssey back to ithica

PRE- Story
Judgement of Paris

Thetis and Peleas were getting married
Thetis didn’t invite Eris – goddess of chaos
so Eris send a golden apple through Mount Olympus
on the apple says the word Kallistay (for the fairest)
all the women fight over the apple
so Zeus makes the cut list on the list
• Athena- goddess of victory & strategy & knowledge- Zeus’s daughter came out of his head • Aphrodite- goddess of beauty and love- Zeus’s daughter or sister • Hera- queen of the goddesses and Zeus’s wife.

but Zeus refuses to make the decision
so Paris- prince of troy is to make the decision

backstory on Paris
born to Hecuba and Prias
exiled because in a dream Hecuba was told Paris was going to be the reason they lost the war exiled son to Mount Ida, apollo’s mountain, he protected him and Paris and Aenone were together

The 3 goddesses come to him
• Athena- offers him glory in a huge war against the greeks • Hera- offers him to be king of Europe
• Aphordite- offers him most beautiful women • uses her belt- Sestus

Aphordite gets apple

most beautiful women in the world was Leda had sex with Zeus had 4 eggs
• Pollux
• Castor
• Helen
• Clythemnestra

Helen has many suitors, father makes them all agree to protect Helen Helen marries Menelaus

meanwhile Paris has gone back to being a shepard on Mount Ida and back to nymph goes to a race and wins…and then the other people plan to kill him untillll
Priam admits Paris is the son

so Paris goes to Sparta on diplomatice mission
Menelaus is married to Helen
he follows Stranger’s code- since Zeus is patron of strangers Menelaus goes on a hunting trip, leave, then Paris leaves with Paris to Troy Menelaus calls all the men to protect Helen
• Achilles doesn’t show, cause Mom disguised him as a woman • however odyssey’s tricks him by bringing gifts to women • Achilles chooses weapons over jewelry, discovered ▪ Odysseus doesn’t show either

• he is discovered after trying to be a crazy man, and saved his kid so all the Greeks are ready to go but Artemis is upset because Agamemmnon killed sacred deer so Agamemmon sacrificies his daughter Iphigenia to pass the Cachus ( soothsayer) embark on trip


book 1
Agamemnon vs. Achilles
Agamemnon is upset b/c his prize is taken from him Chryseis…..after Oddysseys returns the daughter to her father Chryses …he does this cause there is a plague among the Greeks Achilles is angry cause Agamemnon is threatening to take his booty. but before he goes to hurt him, Athena pulls him by the red hair.

she tells him to relax
he can’t and throws the golden studded scepter made by Hephestus

enter Nestor- wisiest and oldest among Greeks,
he tells them both to calm down

enter Patroclos- protégé of Achilles and maybe gay lover?
Achilles and Patrocols leave

Oddysseys take Chryseis back to Chryses
Agammemom takes Breisis from Achilles.
Achilles goes cries, and Thetis his mother comes and says that she will talk to Zeus. he wants her to ask him to help the Trojans so he can swoop in and be the hero

Thetis basically seduces him, hand on chin, grabs knees.
Hera observes this , gets angry Zeus says he will...
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