Fcb Grid Analysis

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Promotions Management 3

FCB Assignment

Nicholas Michel


FCB Grid Assignment
The marketing communication piece I selected for analysis was an advertisement for Folgers Coffee. The ad and FCB grid for this assignment can be found in Appendix 1 at the end of the document. Folgers is one of the largest coffee company’s in the United States, which is traditionally the largest coffee market in the world. Folgers offers many different types of coffee and continues to experiment with different forms of café beverages. Folgers has consistently and effectively targeted individuals who want a no frills, classic coffee. However, more recently they are diversifying their product line to meet the needs of coffee customers with different tastes.

This advertisement is directed towards Folgers traditional coffee drinkers segment. Because of the nature of the product, the decision on what brand of coffee to purchase is often one that requires only minimal thought. Consumers are not concerned with evaluating this category of product for any extended period of time. This makes it crucial for the advertising to be on point and memorable to make a difference.

The process is low involvement. Because this is a low involvement thinking product the motives behind purchasing the product are affective or feeling motives. Folgers cannot expect a consumer to spend much time the purchase process and so should focus their efforts on reminding the customer of their superior quality product.

In the busy streets of New York it takes something very interesting and eye catching to get pedestrians to notice. Many individuals are in the hustle and bustle of their daily walk to work and so an advertisement needs to be simple. The thought behind this ad addresses these concerns. Folgers boldly placed an ad where consumers were not used to seeing advertisements. This advertisement certainly is innovative and really creates a “double take” effect,...
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