Fcat Style Essay 8th Grade

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  • Published : September 5, 2005
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As I was starting my homework, I heard my mom yell "Honey! Come down for dinner!!". As I went down the stairs, an aroma of buttery mashed potatoes filled the air. As soon as I sat down at the table, my father asked the same question he does everyday, "what did you learn at school today sweetheart?" "Well, I read a story called "Block Party" and we had to identify the theme of the story, which was that you dont necessarily need a mother to grow up well, get advice, help regarding more personal problems, or to have a female role model in your life. I agree with the theme of the story because if you need advice you can always ask your friends, or or if you are having more personal problems you could go to other relatives in your family. Also, you could have another female role model, such as an aunt or a grandmother.

First of all, I agree with this theme because if you need advice you could go to your friends. For example, one of my friends needed advice about a boy that she had a crush on. As a matter of fact, the queen of England once said "friends are the best source of advice, mainly because they can relate to you or they may have the same thing going on in their life". Obviously, you don't need a mom to obtain advice.

Second, if you are having personal problems, you could go to other relatives. For example, if you are sick, your dad, aunt, grandma, or grandpa would take care of you, just like your mom would. Also, if you are coping with a death of someone, your family will be right by your side, crying and feeling emotion with you. Clearly, you don't need a mom to help you with your personal problems.

Third, you could have another female role model, such as an aunt or grandmother. For example, my cousin doesn't have a mother because she passed away, so her female role model is my grandmother because my cousin lives with her. Eight out of ten people who don't have a mother look up to their grandmother or aunt. Thus, you could have a good female role model...