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Topics: Network management, Computer network, Mobile phone Pages: 23 (5659 words) Published: June 1, 2013
(IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security, Vol. 6, No. 3, 2009

Architecture of Network Management Tools for Heterogeneous System Rosilah Hassan, Rozilawati Razali, Shima Mohseni, Ola Mohamad and Zahian Ismail Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Information Science and Technology Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia . Human: where human manager defines the policy and organization approaches. Methodology: defines the architectural framework and the functions to be performed. Instrumentation: the actual operational aspects that establish the procedures, methods and algorithms for data collection, processing and reporting, and analysis of problems, their repair, prediction or forecasting of service levels and probable improvements to enhance performance. S&NM aims to provide network managers a complete view of the whole network through a visualized Network Management Tool (NMT). The International Organization for Standards (ISO) [1] has categorized five main management functions that can be managed by such tools: Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security (FCAPS), as simplified in Table 1. To illustrate how these functions are interrelated, an example of simple S&NM applications is shown in Fig. 1. It can be seen that a user interface is used to manage the functions, which are originated from various software, hardware, firmware, and end-users. Most of the existing S&NM systems are developed in an individual fashion, where each system is designed to operate within its own defined area or scope.s This creates a number of incompatibilities and lack of integration does not allow a common view of the system and networks to be managed. Also, this causes lack of data flows between these incompatible systems, resulting in inconsistencies of data, event correlation and maintenance of the different data bases. It may also cause many systems with low level of inter and intra communications among them.

Abstract— Managing heterogeneous network systems is a difficult task because each of these networks has its own curious management system. These networks usually are constructed on independent management protocols which are not compatible with each other. This results in the coexistence of many management systems with different managing functions and services across enterprises. Incompatibility of different management systems makes management of whole system a very complex and often complicated job. Ideally, it is necessary to implement centralized metalevel management across distributed heterogeneous systems and their underlying supporting network systems where the information flow and guidance is provided via a single console or single operating panels which integrates all the management functions in spite of their individual protocols and structures. This paper attempts to provide a novel network management tool architecture which supports heterogeneous managements across many different architectural platforms. Furthermore, an architectural approach to integrate heterogeneous network is proposed. This architecture takes into account both wireless fixed and mobile nodes. Keywords-component; Network Tools Architecture; Services Management; Heterogeneous System;

I. INTRODUCTION System and Network Management (S&NM) is concerned with observing, monitoring, testing, configuring, and troubleshooting the different network components, services, systems and users. The management process wraps all the network system elements starting from the end-users, through the applications and supporting data, the end system’s network connectivity edge and deep into the network infrastructures themselves. Typically, S&NM comprises the following aspects:


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(IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security, Vol. 6, No. 3, 2009 TABLE I. Category of Management Fault Management (FM) ISO...
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