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Topics: English-language films, Nile, Cairo Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: April 28, 2011
1. Unit 5 Words 2. Proper Use of Dialogue Origin Tale 3. Moral

Chubbsies Big Wish

Bam! Snap! Punch! Crunch! Chubbsies the tactful hippo and the Jaws the sneaky crocodile are having one of their daily rivalry battles! This showdown takes place in the cool water of the Nile River under the radiant sun! Chubbsies is brawling with Jaws, because Jaws constantly disheartens Chubbsies about his small mouth. Jaws has a giant mouth with sharp teeth, while Chubbsies is faced with the most minor pallet in the animal kingdom. After the duel, Chubbsies tells his mother, Mama Heavy about his desire for a larger mouth. She left him with these words, “ We are the way we are and sleep with on eye open, because Jaws wants revenge.”

With those words, Chubbsies went to sleep in the peaceful jungle. Later that night, Jaws swam over in the slyest way to Chubbsies’s slumber and threw a giant piece of driftwood into Chubbsies’s face! Smack! Jaws fled the terrifying scene, but Chubbsies had just waked up and was very bewildered! Chubbsies thought it was just and accident and attempts to remove the log, but can’t seem to move the wood!

“Oh No!” Chubbsies screamed!
The wood was vertically stuck in his tiny jaw! When morning came, everyone was baffled and every morning Jaws would giggle for his sinister plan had been a success. No one knew what was going to happen to Chubbsies!

One month passed by, and the sky was dark, shadows fell across the fertile region along the river. Crunch! Everyone woke up, and saw Chubbsies emerge from the river with wood chips scattered across surface. All the animals, gave off a loud gasp! In that month, Chubbsies’s mouth was slowly expanding, growing bigger and bigger! Now Chubbsies mouth was free of wood! Everybody was ecstatic, except for Jaws of course.

Now that Chubbsies has a...
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