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Possible Questions for Oral Questioning
What is 3 Bucket Method?
 Washing
 Rinsing
 Sanitizing
What is 3S?
 Scrape
 Segregate
 Stack
What is the basic function of food service attendant (bartender, receptionist, waiter or any other position)? How do you handle guest complaint?
H- hear (listen and identify complaint)
E - Empathize
A- Apologize
R - Respond (inform supervisor)
T - Take action
What are the types of food service? Explain each service.
 America Service or plated service - food is already prepared in the kitchen in individual plates with garnish and accompaniment and plate is served individually to guests  Russian service or platter service - food is arranged in a platter and waiter serve the food from the platter to the guests plate using a tong  French or gueridon service - chef or head waiter prepare the food on the table side with some showmanship. Gueridon service for it uses gueridon trolley  Buffet Service- guests line up to get their food in the buffet table  Banquet Service - for group of persons and with fixed price  Family Service - food are prepared in the kitchen, placed in a platter and served in a platter on the table.  English Service - private dinner with fine dining set-up and typically with wine service  Luriat Service - plate of food complete with rice, meat, vegetable and dessert/ plate with complete meal  Apartment or Blue Plate Service - similar to family Service with difference in location as it is held in an apartment  Tray Service - food is served with the use of a tray

What are the examples of unsanitary/ sanitary practices?
Differentiate American Service (Plated) from Russian Service (Platter). What are the common factors that need to be considered in putting up you own restaurant?  Capital/ Budget
 Location
 Target Market
 Competitors
 Manning - quality, trained staff
 Knowledgeable about the Business
 Food Costing
 Safety and Sanitation of the Area
 Requirements & Permits
 Equipments
 Product/ Source of Ingredients
 Product Development
Cite examples of the different areas of the restaurant. Tell something about the area.  Cashier's Area
 Dining Area - where guests are seated to eat,
 Dishwashing Area - where cutleries, dishes and other equipments are washed, rinsed and sanitized. It is placed inside the kitchen  Food Preparation Area - aka kitchen
 Dispatching Area
 Bar Counter
 Food Display Counter
 Service Station or Side Stand
What is restaurant? Types of restaurant.
 Fine Dining
 Coffee shop
 Industrial, Student Canteen/ Cafeteria
What are the procedures in fine dining?
How do you rate your self 1-10 base, 10 as the highest, on your demonstration? Did you pass or fail? Why? What are the things needed in preparing the table for service?  China
 Glasses
 Cloth
 Cutleries
What are the considerations when preparing the table for service?  Check equipment, check the table and then sanitize the table. How do you sanitize your hands?
 Wash hands for 20 sec with sanitizer/ soap and water
 Wash up to your elbow
 Rinse hand thoroughly
 Dry hands using single service towel or paper towels
What are the qualification(s) of a good food service attendant?  Service-oriented, meaning you are knowledgeable of your job roles and functions. How do you check condition of the table (and utensils) prior to service?  Actual checking

 Types of Kitchen
 Cold - Salad, Dessert
 Hot - Entrée, Soup, Appetizer

TIPS - FBS NC II Assessment


1. Check table, chair and utensils and other items for cracks, chips and stains through actual checking. 2. All forks are placed on the left side, except for the cocktail fork. 3. Pull out unneeded cutleries and china and set-up the needed base on the order of the guest. 4. When guests are already seated, approach the table within 30 seconds. 5. If tied up with other guest, approach and tell the guest you'll get to them in...
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