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Chapter Recruitment

( Ideas compiled from chapters around the country to help build local membership (


Courtney Owen

Former FBLA National President

Public Visibility Projects

- Speak on FBLA-PBL
- To Rotary Clubs, other civic groups, Chamber of Commerce, your School Board
- To a school assembly
- In your classes
- At Middle Schools (ML Chapters)

- Write articles for:
- Tomorrow’s Business Leader or PBL Business Leader - State or Local FBLA publications
- School Newspaper

- Contact local newspaper and have them publicize your chapter’s activities (send them press releases) - Create a Chapter Webpage
- Radio Interview about FBLA-PBL
- TV Coverage of chapter activities/meetings
- Design a Chapter Poster (post in area schools)
- Purchase an electronic billboard to post upcoming activities and deadlines - Create a Chapter Display Case (keep up-to-date pictures, articles, awards, and use this medium to highlight member achievements) - Chapter T-Shirts (get creative!)

- Appoint a Public Relations Committee
- Utilize School Intercom to remind members of events, and bring attention to members’ accomplishments

( Ideas, Ideas, Ideas (

Ideas for Local Meetings

- Presentations from local businesses (cater these to members’ interests) - FBLA-PBL Trivia Games; Quiz Bowl Competitions
- Public Speaking Practice Events
- Ice Breakers (there are lots of books you can buy on this topic) - Competitive Event Study Time
- Team building or leadership activities
- Joint meetings with:
- Other local FBLA-PBL chapters
- Middle Level Chapters
- Other VSO organizations (FCCLA, FFA, TSA, HOSA, etc)

- Speakers:
- State/National Officers
- Local Businesspeople
- Motivational Speakers
- Local Celebrities (news anchors/reporters, local athletes, local politicians)

- Make a Video Project:
- To recruit FBLA-PBL members
- To recruit Professional Division members
- To activate/reactivate chapters
- To obtain corporate sponsorship

- Plan parties for special occasions
- Business videos (etiquette, business dress, public speaking, etc) - Video tape conferences (State/Nat’l) and play during meeting (great incentive to get more members to attend conferences) - Make a Chapter Scrapbook (be sure to take lots of pictures!) - Have a Member of the Month

- Have an “FBLA-PBL All-Stars” Wall – add a new star with each new member’s name on it

( Ideas, Ideas, Ideas (

Professional Activities

- Career shadowing program
- Local business advisory committee
- Field trip to businesses
- Attend Chamber of Commerce meetings
- Hold an entrepreneurship session
- Businessperson panel – invite several local businesspersons to attend a meeting and discuss their careers, include Q & A time - Attend a Career Fair
- Hold a Leadership Training session for newly elected officers

FBLA-PBL Week (2nd Week of February)

- Sign a Local Chapter FBLA-PBL Proclamation with Mayor proclaiming National FBLA-PBL Week - Wednesday = Adviser Appreciation Day!
- Teacher/Faculty appreciation breakfast
- Local businesspersons’ breakfast
- Business Students Breakfast
- Wear uniforms or business dress
- Radio and newspaper spots
- Decorate school/campus with posters promoting FBLA-PBL - Tour of businesses
- Invite parents, administrators, and community to attend meeting - Seminars on the world of work (Education, Media, Law Enforcement, Finance, Medical, etc) - Downtown window display
- Fruit baskets for teachers/Faculty and/or administrators - Prepare a bulletin board

( Ideas, Ideas, Ideas (


- Car...
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