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Topics: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Law enforcement agency, United States Department of Justice Pages: 3 (826 words) Published: November 20, 2011
An FBI agent is a difficult, and grueling occupation, yet it is respected, and can help and protect all people, takes a strong dedication.

The FBI started from a force of special agents in 1908 by Attorney General Bonaparte. Law Enforcement was often called a political than an professional in 1892. Progressive was given to the Department of Justice by Creating Special agents corps. The only name it still had was attorney general nor did it have a leader yet. To conduct investigations the Department of Justice assigned it to the secret services. But that failed on May 27, 1908 the Department of Justice didn’t pass the law from engaging secret services operatives. General Bonaparte assigned a force of special agents to the Department of Justice that following month. In June 1910 the first major expansion was when the Mann “white slave” act was passed transporting women over state lines from immoral reasons was a crime. The number of special agents grew more than 300 over years. The lawless years were between 1921-1933, because of gangsterism, it was illegal to sell or import intoxicating beverages because of public disregard for prohibition (FBI, 5).

To be appointed as an FBI agent you must have an bachelor’s agree from an accredited college. Areas to study in are law, accounting, and computer science. Before being an FBI agent you must have three years of work experiences. Must meet up to the fitness and vision requirements. People over the age of thirty-seven will not get accepted by most agencies. Must have no criminal records. While applying for an agency expect to go throw rigorous writing, oral, and psychological testing. Sixteen to twenty-seven weeks of an federal law enforcement training, but only at selected academies in the U.S. Students that complete their training go through a probationary period (Career Cruising, 4). Recruits usually do a two-year probation period under the supervision of a training officer (Brezing 1, pg 53). As an FBI agent,...
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