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Topics: Engineering, Management, Leadership Pages: 3 (292 words) Published: December 14, 2013
Hello, my name is I

graduated from multimedia university with

a bachelor degree in engineering majoring in

mechanical. The reason of this video resume is

to apply for the post of sales support engineer

of emerson process management asia pacific

pte ltd in Singapore.

One of the things that I have spent most of my

time here in multimedia university is commiting

to the university society. Although I did not

manage to secure any post during my time

serving for the English society of mmu, I had

been appointed as the secretary and the leader

of several events held by my society. This has

definitely proven that I am capable to complete

my job effectively and efficiently as I have gain

the thrust of the members of the society.

Through these events I have also develop both

my marketing and management skills.

Furthermore, I take priority in time

management so I am definitely able to ensure

accurate and timely deliveries are met. Beside

that I am often look up as a friendly and

cheerful person, this can help in building good

relationships with customers. I have also

participated in a Microsoft office workshop

held in my school and was able to understand

the mechanics to the latest Microsoft office


Furthermore, as a mechanical engineering

graduate with experience of running business

projects from my society events, I will have the

knowledge of commercials terms and condition

of sales. Last but not least, With the ability to

speak in English, bahasa melayu and madrin

fluently, I possessed good interpersonal and

communication skills.

Finally I would like to express my appreciation

to you for spending your precious time on this

video and hope to hear from you soon. You can

contact me through this
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