Favorite Superhero

Topics: Superhero, Joker, Stan Lee Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: May 23, 2013
My Daily Superhero
My favorite superhero does not have superman figure, or the agility of Spiderman. My favorite superhero does not run like flash or fly like Iron Man. Also he does not have the strength of the Incredible Hulk. By contrast, he is short and now even has to wear glasses to read the important papers. My favorite superhero has no coat, no Batmobile, but instead has many debts and a lot of gray in the head. My favorite superhero, no doubt, is my dad For nobody else, my father is a hero, but for my brothers and me he is the most important person in this world. My father is a good guy. He is the most honest person in this world. My dad is kind father, full of peace, and wisdom because he loves the truth, justice, and righteousness. Although my father has not had to struggle against the Joker or Lex Luthor, he has had to face other terrible villains like poverty, pain, and betrayal. However, he always has overcome all odds. My father has taught my brothers and me that working hard, being honest, and following our dreams we can get everything we want. Surely, his toughest fight has had to raise my brothers and me. Let not one tell me what is easier to jump a building than have to explain the world to a child. No one will say it is easier to fly having superpowers than give a happy childhood to your children. The life superheroes are real. I see one for many years. I see him every time I get home. I watch his face wrinkled, his hair gray, his furrowed brow, play with my brothers, and looked at me with that inexplicable tenderness with which only a parent can look you. My father is a sample of life for us, a teacher wise and fair, an open hand at the time needed, a role model, a loving smile, a guide to accurate, an unconditional friend, and an inspiration for life. He is a patient man, a spectacular man that made us what we are today. He is a human irreplaceable. Although my father just finished the elementary school, he is very smart. He has always told...
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