Favorite Subject Essay

Topics: Teacher, Education, Metabolism Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: December 5, 2010
Erick Von Lippke
Period 3 11/3/10
Favorite Subject

Seventh hour. I’m in one of my most liked classes staring at the board after completing an intense test. The bell rings and I wave to my teacher as I walk out the door. Confidence builds as my anticipation increases for the coming A. This experience is what occurs in my AP Biology class. Biology is the subject I enjoy the most due to its incorporation of other subjects, the feeling that I am learning something every day, and my amazing teacher Mr. Benskin. Perhaps one of my favorite things about AP Biology, however, is its ability to include other subjects in its curriculum.

When Boca High students sign up for a class, they would expect to work only upon that class’s topic and nothing else. In my biology class, however, we learn not only science, but math and history as well. In the middle of a lesson, my teacher walks calmly to the board and works upon math, connecting it to the day’s lesson by using examples such as 4mL + -10mL equals a pH of 6. Other days he goes back to the beginning of life and expands upon the era cells were first produced and became complex. This strategy of teaching multiple topics pulls students in and expands our overall knowledge of science as well as mathematics and history. Most other classes only teach one subject, but in my AP Biology class, multiple subjects are incorporated within.

Most days, most students find no reason to attend school and would rather “skip.” I, on the other hand, refuse that idea and find school very important. Every day is a much-needed one in order to achieve greatness in life. In Biology, each day is different from every other. On Monday, the class might discuss mitochondria and how it functions within our cells. We literally dissolve into our notes and become enveloped in the environment of the cell, experiencing science on cellular level. On Tuesday, we would expand upon the Mitochondria and incorporate other structures of the cell by...
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